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Category: Criminal Law
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18 months ago I met a woman at a dance hall. three months

Customer Question

18 months ago I met a woman at a dance hall. three months later I ran into her at a local tavern. I took her home that night and yes we did. We saw each other a number of times after that, i dont know when I discovered she was married or at what time. But i did either way continue the relationship after I found out, although I was very nervous about the whole thing and didnt know quite how to get out of it. I was told by her that she had been planning to get a divorce, long story short her husband found out. He has been trying to get me to throw a punch at him; ive avoided that course of action. his sister has been telling people (neighbors and friends) that i had an affair with her brothers wife.) Last night again he approcahed me and has threatened my life for the second time. He has done this out loud and infront of as many people as he can to cause embarressment, He has used the words kill, watch your back, i will hunt you down, and so on. I feel like i have to move. help?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Criminal Law
Expert:  askjr replied 8 years ago.

Hi impala,


I am a psychologist and would be happy to assist you. It sounds like you have a very serious situation on your hands. I would not take his threats lightly. Infidelity can lead to very intense anger which can lead to violence. His repeated threats are disconcerting. I hope you have ended the relationship with his wife. You do not need to fuel the fire. You probably ought to contact the police department to let them know about his threatening behavior. It is never ok to threaten someones life and it sounds like you have some witnesses. File a police report and keep your distance from this man. You are in the middle of a volatile situation and you need to be very careful. This is not a time to play games. Protect yourself and contact the local authorities.


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Customer: replied 8 years ago.

yes its been over for about ayear now thank God. but hes told me he will never let it go. Thank you, XXXXX XXXXX a report, but after lat night i believe nothing short of a restraining order and even that might not keep him at bay. Hes a piolet for delta, if i put a restraining order on him, and delta finds out, he loses his job he may have nothing left to hold him from following through with his threats.





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