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Some friends and I were put up my tent in a local park ...

Customer Question

Some friends and I were put up my tent in a local park behind some trees. They were smoking weed and I just had the second hand smoke. But then some cops walked up to our tent. I got real scared because I''ve been to court three times and still have a clean record. I also have stayed out trouble for a long time. So I ran from the cops while my friends just stayed there. I ran to the opposite side of town from my house and the cops didn''t catch me... But the police brought out some dogs and somehow they tracked my scent to my house. So the next day I came home the cops had already been there and what not.     I guess I''m looking at a felony for running from the police. What do you think is the best thing I can do to have minimal charges. (I turn 17 in 20 days)
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Criminal Law
Expert:  N Cal Attorney replied 8 years ago.
Don't worry. There is no evidence you did anything other than violate some camping regulation that is probably only an infraction anyway. And you may not even be charged with anything or not.
I advise everyone do not make any voluntary statements to the police or prosecutors without having a lawyer present. That is one valuable legal right you should exercise.
The most accurate information will come from a lawyer in your own town.
It may or may not be a crime to run away when you see police coming. If you were not doing anything particularly illegal when you saw them coming and just decided to take a jog as they approached, that is probably legal. If they yelled at you to stop and chased you and you kept running, that is a different story.
Whatever the facts were in your story, you need to tell them in confidence to your attorney and ask his advice.

Most people do not go to jail for a first offense. Do be concerned but do not be fearful, and do consult with your attorney and ask him what he thinks is likely to happen based on the facts.

I hope this helps reassure you a little.