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I have been convicted of 1st DUI, stopped at a routine

Customer Question

I have been convicted of 1st DUI, stopped at a routine check point. tested 0.11 , fined 500 , VIP, and Maesp classes to attend & suspended license. For how long I do not know. Originally I pleaded not guilty . My lawyer assured me there was nothing to worry about. I called to his sec. 2 month after my arrest. Asked about hardship lic. the lawyer failed to file ,faxed paper work to the court dated from 2005, (the judge showed me this ) claimed they had filed and the court lost the papers . The lawyer called the judge and insulted him and the court . My lawyer then had me plead guilty and appealed. The lawyer sent my judgement , times for the class to attend , failed to inform me my lic would be suspended , nor file hardship till after I attend class. Communication is nonexsistant, most calls never returned . His sec. said to file hardship lic will be a new service. I payed my lawyer $4000. I want a new lawyer .I have never had a parking ticket.Where can I find one.
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Criminal Law
Expert:  Mr. Lofton replied 9 years ago.

FIrst send letter to lawyer telling he is fired and telling him to refund your money as he has not done you any service; next find a new lawyer:
Try this link:



A good way to find a good lawyer is to go down to the court room and speak to one of the court officers and ask them who is a really good DUI attorney - the court officers sit in court and watch the lawyers everyday and they will know who is good and who isn';t!

All the best to you,

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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to Mr. Lofton's Post: Thank you
Expert:  Mr. Lofton replied 9 years ago.
You're very welcome and I wash you all the best.

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