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my nephew is 15 years old and was accused of trying to ...

Resolved Question:

my nephew is 15 years old and was accused of trying to spend a counterfeit $10 bill in his school''s cafeteria. He said he found the bill on the floor and thought it was his lucky day not realizing that it was not genuine. The cashier said she thought he looked suspicious and took the bill in the back and came back to him and said that he had committed a felony and was going to be arrested. While an arrest didn''t occur, he was expelled from school for 1 year. My sister is in the process of appealing the hearing that determined his guilt and expulsion. He has never been in trouble and is a good kid. Papers were served to his parents last night requesting their appearance in Family Court on Monday. Do we need a lawyer with us? What should we expect? My sister is disabled and low income and we would need the assistance of legal aid. Please advise. Thank you - Jennifer
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Criminal Law
Expert:  Moe Manser replied 9 years ago.
Dear mckenzinyeelasmom

The family would definitely need to speak to an attorney. Obviously this is a matter of misunderstanding, I don't think a child at his age can realize or notice the difference between a real or a counterfeit $10.00 bill. I think the punishment of expulsion from school for a year is a little to much. Request from the court to appoint him a public defender. The Public defender should be able to present his story to the court, as well as to the prosecutor.


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