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J D Haas
J D Haas, Lawyer
Category: Criminal Law
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AS 18 Wheeler owner-op truck driver, I am under a ...

Customer Question

AS 18 Wheeler owner-op truck driver, I am under a CONTRACT to deliver loads for the Parent unit (CLT/JRC) consolidated Lumber Transportation/they have 40 sub companies named JRC all truck dispatchers/ I fall under the JRC of FLA and I get dispatched out of+report directly to a sub-JRC Terminal called central logistics Inc. (CLI) of Orlando,Because I live in Orlando. I want to bring crimnal chrg against CLT/JRC and CLI for not paying me ovr$25k .(they owe me for bills I delivered15OCT-16NOV''07+turned in to CLI:CLI said I''ll not going2see that money, because I gave my last 5 trip Bills to JRC as evidence CLI was forging trips in order NOT to pay CLT/JRC their% I signed a release for CLI to cash my Bills,that release doesn''t say I release my wages to CLI! I'm the victum of these2companies war and I need this money to pay high diesel fuel charges, besides its my money;Question can I get all my$ plus interest plus resonable crimnal attorney fee in Fla from CLT/JRCand CLI? I found CLI cheatin JRC in NOV 07.I was Terminated 11/07 by CLT/JRC.+ rehired on the spot by CLT/JRCif I turned over proof(my trips/Bills)that CLI was stealing money by falsifyn Bills of Laden. as of this moment,I drive for CLT but nothing to do with Central Logistics Inc. But they are all responsible, I feel and I need agressive Criminal attorney thank you
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Criminal Law
Expert:  J D Haas replied 9 years ago.
1) You can file a criminal complaint against the company. However, the State of Florida or the county in which you live will prosecute the case. You will not be paid as this would be a criminal law matter and the penalty would be jail time or a fine. You would not receive the fine, the state or county would. 2) You can sue them for breach of contract. You would need to hire a contract attorney. You can find them by an internet search for "Florida contract lawyer /attorney". You can recover your damages and possibly your costs. You probably cannot recover your attorney fees unless their actions were "willful and wanton" because usually plaintiff's cannot recover their attorney fees in cases unless there is a contract provision that allows it. 3) You may also have a wrongful termination case against your former employer as you may be considered a "whistleblower" and have a protected class status. You should seek the opinion of an employment lawyer for that case. You should search: "Florida employment lawyer/attorney". Best wishes, and I am sorry that you have had to undergo this treatment.

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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to J D Haas's Post: Thank you J D Haas,I have documentation to proove all my statements;In Orange County, FLA. I will file the criminal complaint against Central Logistics Inc,(CLI)Orlando and its President Mercedese Dora Morales,for wanton, uncurbed, undisciplined,criminal intent to defraud Consolidated Lumber Inc(CLT)and myself. CLI's CFO Leo Sanchez, criminal intent to defraud and grand theft,thats a felony in excess of $25k. unpaid Bills of Laden to Al Grogan. Also the CLI dispatcher Robert Denmark(of Myamax Inc. his company) for conspiracy criminal intent to defraud, by unlawfully dispatching my2trucks on loads,from May-Nov 2007, leaving drivers with Trailer+ Cargo uninsured on the American Highway against the U.S. Dept.Of.Transportation Rules.

My Florida Contract Lawyer will file breach of contract to CLT/JRC and CLI can proove their actions are a "willful and wanton" act with documentation I have, I will attemp to recover reasonable attoney fee I/A/W Florida Law and request with interest since October 2007.

Finally, termination, I turn over my daily driver logs to CLI. ...CLI must send my Logs to JRC within 30 days... I was terminated by JRC for not turning in my Logs since May'07.. when in fact; CLI didn't send the Logs to JRC in order to cover up CLI fraud of Criminal intent to Defraud JRC of their rightful claim to $ % of each trip dispatched on. Because I'm considered "Whistle Blower" my car parked in CLI designated parking area had been run into/excess damage in 3 places when I returned from my last dispatch.. I reported to my Insurance. I was RE-HIRED by CLT/JRC on the spot in exchange for the 4 trips I had not turned in at CLI. I gave them to CLT/JRC Safety Officer a month ago, and I haven't been paid for them either(approx $10k)
thank you J D for your help in getting me organized and maybe a copy of this to CLT/JRC and CLI will resolve in a timely manner, I will accept cash as payment to save from litigation
Expert:  J D Haas replied 9 years ago.
Thank you very much and best wishes in your various actions.