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Will the thiefs be caught

Customer Question

If I file a police report that people stole my credit cards and ATM card (and stupidly got my PIN), what is the likelihood that the thiefs will be caught? I need to file a police report in order to get money back from my ATM bank but I am concerned that the people who stole my cards will accuse me of something in turn. So in a way, I would rather they not get caught. I am in Manhattan. But yes, I am curious how likely it is that the two young women are found if an investigation is opened.
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Criminal Law
Expert:  Michelle replied 9 years ago.

Dear XXXXX _ d

There are two ways to look at this - if they accuse you of something it would be their word against yours and if they accuse you of solicitation then they will be in trouble for that, too. However, let's not forget that you are the VICTIM of theft and the only way you can get this matter cleared up is to file the report - the only other option you have is to report the card missing and tampered with - forego any type of restitution and start over.

Again, if they have records and the ATM picked up their images they could be apprehended.


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