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I sent a package from Miami FL to Denver Co with UPS, at THE

Customer Question

I sent a package from Miami FL to ***** with UPS , at THE UPS STORE , I INSURED IT for 2000 ...I was sending my daughter a 2000 tennis bracelet....the package had to be returned to Miami, after 10 days... when I picked it up original box was opened!, they went thru the contents, changed the TRACKING LABEL , and re wrapped the smaller box inside a bigger box , UPS opened a claim , I notified the clerk at the store immediately that my package was tampered with and my item was either LOST or STOLEN....UPS said they will search in the lost and found.???.nothing , I sent within 12 hours 32 photos of the tampered boxes...they are giving me the run around ...I want to sue them.
Submitted: 6 months ago.
Category: Consumer Protection Law
Expert:  Loren replied 6 months ago.

Sue UPS in small claims court. Small claims court is designed to be "user friendly" so that you can present a claim without an attorney. Also, it moves much more quickly than regular court. You can get the necessary forms to start from the clerk of the court.