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Category: Consumer Protection Law
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Paid in full for granite counters prior to the last day in

Customer Question

paid in full for granite counters prior to the last day in our home we had several installation issues and had been stood up with no calls no shows more than I remember over a 3 week timeframe. the whole job was supposed to be 1 day. I couldn't even get them on the phone or to return my call the last week and in voicemail messages I was so upset with the unprofessionalism and the fact that I had saved 8 months to afford the upgrade in our first home that I wanted a discount of 20%. they finally showed up the main guy was very short with us and a bit arrogant. he damaged very intentionally the wall opening I had paid to have done prior to the granite the breakfast bar for the second time was not cut correctly. our entire job was only hand measured and not laser as we were told would happen. they continued to install the counter top that is still not cut correctly as well as left a piece that has a saw cut in it explained to be an "inperfection" as well as several of the pieces of backsplash are only finished on the outside however unfinished on the side that touches the walls leaving jagged and chips to be seen. lastly, nothing was cleaned so my counters and sinks have silicone goop left on various parts of the counter and one even has white paint like marks where they marked for certain cuts or measurements I assume. after leaving the job a mess I had looked at my bank account and seen the entire balance pending. I called them immediately with no response no call back at which time I started a case with the better business beaura whom seemed to act on their side instead of ours. finally after over a month and I had to prove they did take all of the money from me as they initially stated they were not paid. they agreed to $500.00 for inconviences and to fix all installation issues. they never called me as I had requested with what they planned on doing remeasuring or what? what time will they be there and how long to they expect to be here? so the Thursday before the Saturday about 2 weeks after the bbb case was closed since I excepted the deal as they threatened me nothing until I come up with legal help since they know I can not afford a typical lawyer fee I figured if I said no that they wouldn't have done anything. however, that did not matter they never showed or called so the following week I called twice and the second person on the phone couldn't answer or explain why no one called or showed or why no one called me back the day before but he said he would at least get this rescheduled and give a timeframe as to when to expect them. he did and called me with the info and once again no one called or showed up and no one has answered or returned my call all last week to do anything. so I don't know what to do I'm out $6500.00 with horrible install and I have a backsplash I want to install on the back kitchen wall they are seriously getting to the point if I have too much material for the job I won't even be able to return it as we are getting super close to 6months since I purchased that material. this job started with my half of payment to order and cut on 4/11/16 and everything from that day on has been a huge disappointment. it's almost August and I don't know what to do next make another case with the bbb, contact our local tv to get the investigation team involved, and or try to contact our states attorney until I can afford more I am able and willing to make payments obviously the price still has to be realistic both my husband and I had unexpected surgery just a few weeks apart and we were both off work about 2 months I went back right when they finally came to the house to start and they never showed back up for 3 weeks. I just want them to finish the job correctly with out damaging our home and saying sarcastically touch ups are clients responsibility! I do want compensation for the inconsideration, disrespect, unprofessionalism, and down right taking advantage of us with no regards ***** ***** sleepless nights and emotional upset in our life leading to feeling sick headache and arguments my husband and I have had over this situation. the company is granite palace tops originally from Farmington hills Michigan and new office/shop here in Toledo, ohio as of late 2015 or jan of 2016 .*****(###) ###-####
Submitted: 7 months ago.
Category: Consumer Protection Law
Expert:  Marsha411JD replied 7 months ago.


Thank you for the information and your question, and I am sorry to read about your situation. At this point, you have two options to obtain a refund of some, or all of your money, (which really is the only thing you would want a business like this to do as they are apparently not going to ever do the job as promised). Those options are to file a complaint with the Consumer Protection Division of the Ohio Attorney General's Office. They will investigate your complaint and may, if they substantiate a violation of the agreement or the law, intercede on your behalf to obtain a financial settlement. You can find more information and the complaint form at the following link:

The other option is to file suit. Ohio has the lowest maximum dollar level for jurisdiction in small claims court in the Country though at $3000. So, if you are seeking more than that, you would have to hire an attorney to file suit in district court. However, if you are only seeking $3000 or less, you can file suit yourself in small claims court. The process is fairly simple as it is intentionally set up to be used by people without attorney representation. You can read more about that at:

Please feel free to ask for clarification if needed. If none is needed, then if you could take a moment to leave a positive rating in the box above, I will receive credit for assisting you today. Thank you

Expert:  Marsha411JD replied 7 months ago.

Hello again,

I wanted to touch base with you and make sure that you did not have any follow up questions for me from the answer I provided to you on the26th . For some reason, the Experts are not always getting replies, or ratings (at the top of the question/answer page you are viewing or in the pop up box for this question), which is how we get credit(paid by the Site) for our work, that the customer thinks have gone through. In your case I received neither.

Please keep in mind that I cannot control the law or your circumstances, and am ethically bound to provide you with accurate information based on the facts you give me even if the news is not good. If you are having technical difficulties with reading, replying or rating,please let me know so that I can inform the Site administrator.Please note that Site use works best while using a computer and using either Google Chrome or Firefox.

In any event, it was a pleasure assisting you and I would be glad to attempt to assist you further on this issue, or a new legal issue, if needed. You can bookmark my page at:

Thank you.

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