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January of this year I had some work done on my car. I told

Customer Question

January of this year I had some work done on my car. I told them what the problem was. Steam coming from the motor in front of drivers seat. Gave them permission for diagnostics. Since they would throw that in if they did the repairs. They told me it needed a water pump and timing chain which is no where near where I told them. This was second company to tell me this so I believed them. Since then my car has been at their shop for 6 week total. first time was a week for the timing chain and water pump which is a 2 day job 3 tops. Well after replacing the water pump and timing chain the coolant pressure would not come up. So they did a pressure test. found that the thermostat housing was broken. This is the problem right here not the water pump and timing chain. So after they told me this and my bill was nearly 1500 dollars. 6 weeks later my car started running real bad. so I took it back. They told me that a part had failed. if they even replaced it. by now paying more attention. So their part failed blew up my motor. they said don't worry. we will replace it. so I did some looking into motors. found some real good looking rebuilds. for 2000 dollars. 350 back when they get the old motor back. so now its April they had my car for a month. and they put in a used motor. I told them they better put new timing chain and water pump and thermostat housing on it since I paid 1500 dollars for it in the last 10 weeks. they said they did. I get my car back. go in for an oil change. what's leaking the Water pump. we need the car for three more days. great have they done taking my car from me again. have they done any of the work they have said they done. now I am gonna have to get my car looked at by another. more money. Sorry about the quick break down. I am seeing red and need solid advice. I want this company to know that it's not nice to treat costumers like this. I want what ever I can get including the managers job. there is more to this. I really need a lawyer that can work with me on this. I am disabled and a veteran if it means anything any more. so please someone help.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Consumer Protection Law
Expert:  Infolawyer replied 1 year ago.
are you asking for options to pursue a claim for damages?