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My name is***** purchased some furniture from

Customer Question

Hi my name is ***** ***** purchased some furniture from the Levins furniture in March when the delivery guys deliver my furniture which was leather furniture they damage my furniture I tried to get them to take the furniture back to that day they said they could not they gave me a 800 number to call and they said they will handle it when I call the number and explain the situation to them they told me they will send a repair guy out and repair the furniture I told them that I pay $4000 for his furniture I don't want it repaired they assured me that they won't repair it they will replace the whole section of the part that was damaged till July 13 they son a repair a guy to my house that had the replacement parts to fix my furniture the replacement parts he had was damaged already before he even started to work he knows it just as well as I I told him that's not acceptable also they was a different color than my furniture I call Levin Furniture and told them I should not have to go through this after I pay my money I would like for them to come in pick up the furniture give me a refund and I would repurchase new furniture because they're not satisfied me at all from day one I shouldn't have let it went this long I should have kept fighting it the same day one day delivered the furniture but they assured me that everything will be fine and its not I want to know if it's possible that I could pay you to represent me to take them to court my phone number is ***** please give me a call thank you
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Consumer Protection Law