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My computer screen indicated that I had a bad virus and it

Customer Question

my computer screen indicated that I had a bad virus and it needed to be repaired at once.
I looked up information about the problem. I was informed the company was working with MICROSOFT and that was where the virus problem was found ---etc--etd--etd.To make the story shorter it was a scam. They wanted a $$$ amount to fix started at $300 and on down to $99.99. IU had doubt's but paid with C.Card.. My computer was all messed up. I called my Computer Repair person---a instructor at ITT. Got it fixed.
Called VISA and told them it was a scam. They credited account. Started getting phone
calls from Scam Co. asking for me to turn on my computer so they could send back my money. I would not do it. VISA has Recharged my account and is charging me interest.What can I do ??? Bill Holman (###) ###-####
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Consumer Protection Law
Expert:  CalAttorney2 replied 1 year ago.
First follow up with your credit card company (Visa) and reopen your fraud report (usually the initial complaint/request is only the first step, you will likely need to follow up with a written statement and perhaps an online application - contact your credit card directly for more information).Then contact the FBI's online crime task force iC3 and make a report (, they won't get you your money back, but they can investigate the fraud (it is doubtful you are the only victim) and can work on prosecuting the criminals responsible for this virus/fraud scam.Finally, if you are unable to resolve the dispute for your credit card through Visa directly, you can follow up with the FTC (see: Again, I am hopeful that Visa will assist you directly (they should) but it may take more than the initial step to get them to this point - showing them that you have reported a crime (through the iC3 system) should help.

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