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When I picked my 17 year old son up from a conference in Berkeley,

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When I picked my 17 year old son up from a conference in Berkeley, Ca by Lead America - home in Boca Raton, Florida he informed me that he had been on the streets all night due to drinking occurring in his dorm room and sexual activity occurring in adjacent rooms. He also stated that the college-aged supervisor for that floor hired by Lead America was also drinking and passing out condoms. Do I have any rights here after paying hefty $3100 tuition for a 9 day conference? My son has type I diabetes and other health concerns

LegalGems :

Hi! LegalGems here. My goal: To Do My Best To Assist You. Please remember, I can only provide general information,as this is a public forum. This is rather disturbing - you are fortunate that your son told you. You can proceed based on a breach of contract claim by filing in California, since the conference occurred in California and the negligent supervision also occurred there. The basis for this would be any representations made in the contract, along with any representations made on their advertisements i.e. websites. If you review this page you should be able to reference some of their representations. You can also sue for misrepresentation. Generally a breach of contract is either material (goes to the very subject matter of the contract) and immaterial (goes to ancillary issues). If the court determines this was a material breach, they may enter judgment for the full amount of the contract. Another option is to file a complaint with their certifying organization - IACEI- their contact number is XXXXX on the linked page, but for your reference it is:(NNN) NNN-NNNN If your son suffered personal injury as a result of wandering the streets, that resulted in economic damages, you could bring a personal injury claim as well. From an agency perspective, a company/organization is responsible for the actions of its agents that are performed in the due course of business, so the organization would have liability based on its agents actions.

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