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Thomas McJD
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im cecilia chavez on 1/21/13 i take my car to the dealer for

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im cecilia chavez on 1/21/13 i take my car to the dealer for a oil change then they call me back because it has a oil leak on the power steering rack and they ask me if i wanted to fixed but because we have insurance with then i asked if the insurance can covers all the spences for that repair , then they call me back a said that the insurance will paid for that repair they my total will be 57.45 i said ok to doit then whent a got there to picked up the car the total i have to paid is 1,667.37 the insurance paid for the repair. but those charges was spark plug, computer alignment, engine and cabing filters, tie rod ends, transmision oil change, rear brakes .all this a didnot aprobe but they say the i did. i need to know if i can do someting i don have the money and they are retained my car .

TMcJD : Hi, I will be happy to assist you, and it is my goal to make you a very satisfied customer! This may take a few minutes, so thanks for your patience.
TMcJD : You DO NOT have to pay for any work that you did not approve. That is why a good shop, when you request certain work, will always get a written estimate signed by you before they do anything -- so there's documented proof that you approved certain work.
TMcJD : Taking a car in for an oil change and then verbally approving that a power steering pump/component leak be fixed (after being told it was covered by insurance) is certainly not also an approval of the numerous other things that they did to the car.
TMcJD : There's absolutely no way you could have accidentially approved all the other work -- they are all separate components of the car and complete unrelated to power steering or an oil change (except perhaps the tie-rod ends).
TMcJD : The best thing to do here is get a local attorney involved. Shops do have the right to hold vehicles as a lien to receive payment for work completed. However, since you didn't approve the work, you need an advocate on your side that can help you navigate your legal remedies.
TMcJD : Getting an attonrey involved puts fire under their feet to take action. An attorney will usually begin by sending a demand letter via certified mail threatening suit if they don't immediately release your car after you pay for services you did approve. The next step would be a lawsuit.
TMcJD : Please let me know if I can provide clarification or additional information.
TMcJD : If not, please leave me a poitive rating so I can receive creidt for my work.
TMcJD : Thanks and have a great day.
Thomas McJD and 2 other Consumer Protection Law Specialists are ready to help you and are both excellent resources to help you find a local attorney. Of course, the phone book is always a good place to start as well.

Thanks for your positive rating.

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