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Steinlaw, Lawyer
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Ive been dealing with a computer manufacturer in California

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I've been dealing with a computer manufacturer in California for over a year now. I live in Pennsylvania. My system has been returned to them numerous times for repairs, and each time, it is returned broken. In fact, it's never worked properly. This time, some parts were shipped separately, and there was slight damage to the outer box. The inner box was intact. However, the components were broken, and in my opinion, because of negligent packing. This is the 3rd time the same parts have arrived not in working order. I'm being told I have to take photos and wait for them to file a claim to get my parts replaced. In total, they've had the computer for more than 25% of the year. I want my money back, but their policy is no refunds. What can I do? Does this qualify as a lemon? How can they claim shipping damage when the packing inside was obviously inadequate? I am suspicious that they're trying to cover up the fact that the cards weren't replaced. I've tried contacting lawyers in Los Angeles, but none have answered my e-mails.
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Steinlaw :

I am sorry you are going through this. California has an unfair business practices law that should protect you. There is no "lemon law" per se, but it appears that they have sold you an item that does not meet the specifics that they claimed. As such, you should be entitled to a refund.

Steinlaw :

Send them a letter demanding a refund and cite Business and Professions Code 17200. If that does not get you a refund within 14 days, talk to a California consumer law attorney about filing a lawsuit. That should do the trick for you.


Thank you. I'll send a certified letter tomorrow. You've been very helpful.

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