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yes right that a car dealer can take my car back if i missed

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yes right that a car dealer can take my car back if i missed four payments on a car that a head gastkit blew after two months of having the car? the catch is that i have them on a recording that i wouldnt have to pay for the car untill the car was fixed, which was 825.00 which was twice as much what i owe in the payment? also told me that they would fix the car. and it was never worked on. i had to take it to someone else.
-Could you explain your situation a little more?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
ok i bought a car three months ago, less than two months of having the car the head gaskit blew on the car. so i went to the dealership and spoke to the owner about the head gaskit which i have on viedo. he said that i he would have their mechanic fix the car and that i wouldnt have to make a payment until the car was fixed. so i gave them the key that day. almost ten days later they still never came a got the car. i went back to the dealer and got the key back so in the mean time i had to look around to find a mechanic the would be willing to work on my car for less than a thousand dollars. the car sat in my driveway for another three weeks before i got enough money to get it fixed. i just got it out of the of the shop on last friday and they came a took the car yesterday after the car was fixed. i told them on last thursday that i would pay them when the next payment was due once i have car fixed and back on the road.
I am sorry you are going through this.

Unfortunately, if you are behind, they can repo the car. However, your response should be to consult an attorney about a lawsuit for breach of contract and fraud if they sold you a car with a blown head gasket. That could get you all of your money back plus get the repo off of your credit.

Good luck.
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