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catmastertech, Technician
Category: Construction and Road Equipment
Satisfied Customers: 2321
Experience:  Field service technician for CAT 19 years.
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Have a cat 289D and the machine starts a runs fine. When you

Customer Question

have a cat 289D and the machine starts a runs fine. When you take the parking park off and are ready to go all functions perform normally except the arm raise function.
JA: What is the complete model and serial number of your machine?
Customer: standby
JA: Anything else you want the equipment mechanic to know before I connect you?
Customer: no thanks
Submitted: 4 months ago.
Category: Construction and Road Equipment
Customer: replied 4 months ago.
its a 289D High Flow XPS Two speedonce the parking brake is released all functions work normally..... you can track forward and reverse fine....turn fine... tilt up and down fine.... boom arm down fine... the only function that doesn't work is boom arm up.
Customer: replied 4 months ago.
Product ID # CAT0289DVTAW00972
Expert:  catmastertech replied 4 months ago.


Do you have the full color display in the upper right console?

Are you seeing any fault code warnings?

Has someone pulled the emergency lower lever?

Expert:  catmastertech replied 4 months ago.

You could have a pull handle to the left behind the seat or a finger pull lever overhead.

Customer: replied 4 months ago.
there is a red handle behind the seat put it is pushed down..... i tried to pull it up and it wouldn't budge.... there are no codes or faults on the display
Expert:  catmastertech replied 4 months ago.

Can you go through the menu and find the diagnostic and events screen then search for codes?

Customer: replied 4 months ago.
there are no active alarms or diagnostic codes.... the only logged code is low battery voltage... but the thing has a very strong battery
Expert:  catmastertech replied 4 months ago.

That is likely an old code, it should have an hour reading with it to indicate when it happened. Nothing to worry about on that issue.

Have you checked for a switch function that may have the implements off? Some machines have a Lockout switch and this could affect the control. It should turn the tilt and lift off but, yours may have something different?

Did you see a service screen on the menu? It may allow some testing but, I think these are limited in what they can do.

Are you the owner or mechanic of this machine?

Expert:  catmastertech replied 4 months ago.

You should have a service screen and in this screen you can view the operation of the work tool (RH joystick) and see if it is sending out a signal.

Service Screens

The service screens allow for viewing the status of the most important machine parameters such as throttle position, engine speed, joystick position, battery voltage, drive motor speed, etc. The parameter status information can be used for basic troubleshooting.

Customer: replied 4 months ago.
I'm the owner.... cat says they can be here in 4 days to pick it up and then let it sit at their shop for 2 weeks before they even look at the service screen the RH joystick shows a % output of 0% when the joystick is in the neutral position and rises to 100% as you bring the joystick back to the full LIFT position.
Expert:  catmastertech replied 4 months ago.

That is good. It may show -100% in the down position but it is sending out a signal.

The issue must be in the hydraulic system. I would raise the cab and double check that linkage to the emergency release. It should be working and since it is not moving, I wonder is it was pulled and then jammed back down.

Do you hear any load to the engine when you move the lever to the down position?

Are the loader arms just floating or are the locked down?

Expert:  catmastertech replied 4 months ago.

I must step away for a few minutes but, I will be right back!

Customer: replied 4 months ago.
when you push the rh joystick down it engages the hydraulics and tries to go down but the arms are bottomed out....I got the emergency linkage handle to move freely, it may have been a tight first pull since it has probably never been used...Let me ask you this... If the hydraulic tank is overfull would it restrict the arms from raising since it would discharge the fluid from the cylinders back into the tank and cause an overflow?
Customer: replied 4 months ago.
well fluid would be going from the tank to the cylinders when raising so my last comment doesn't totally make sense.But it seems as my guys have definitely over filled the hydraulic tank depending on how you are suppose to check the tank level in this unit...? with the arms half way up in the air? on the ground?
Expert:  catmastertech replied 4 months ago.

Most machines are checked with the loader bucket flat on the ground. Safety, of course.

Since you have power down, the only thing left is that emergency lower valve. Do the arms move when you tilt the bucket down or does it raise the machine?

Expert:  catmastertech replied 4 months ago.

Have you tried turning off other features? Like ride control and self leveling?

Customer: replied 4 months ago.
what is the emergency lower valve?
Expert:  catmastertech replied 4 months ago.

It is attached to that pull handle. It is to lower the arms when the engine has died and you need to exit the machine.

Here are the exact details for the oil level.

  1. Park the machine on level ground.


  2. Lower the work tool to the ground. Turn off the engine.


  3. Wait for about 5 minutes before checking the level of the hydraulic oil.


  4. Use the hydraulic oil filler in order to top off the hydraulic oil.


  5. Maintain the oil level to the green area of the gauge (Type 1 gage by the filler) or midway between the upper and lower gauge lines (Type 2 gage by the rear door). If hydraulic work tools are used often, you may fill closer to the upper gauge limit to account for potential work tool leakage, but do not overfill the hydraulic tank. Do not overfill the hydraulic tank.

The main issue with overfilling is the oil will be force out the breather vent and cause a spill.

Expert:  catmastertech replied 4 months ago.

here is the location of the valve, it was hard to find in a drawing. You should look at the loader lift lines on the right side.

Thave cable will connect to this valve and a hose will connect to a tee. If you have some metal caps and plugs, you could disconnect the line at the lowering valve and block it off. This will eliminate it being any issue.

Expert:  catmastertech replied 4 months ago.

Normally, a valve like this will have the arm at 90 degrees from the lines to be in the blocked position. Anything else will allow fluid to escape.

Expert:  catmastertech replied 4 months ago.

How did it go? Did the valve look correct? Have you tried blocking off the line?

Please let me know if you need more help.

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