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Deere 4030 Quadrange with barely move in A,, C ranges and

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John Deere 4030 Quadrange with barely move in A,B, C ranges and moves more in A than all others but if you get to a hill even slight one it pretty much stops it only creeps in A

good afternoon Charlie my name i s John. do you still need some help with this?

Customer: replied 5 months ago.
i need help determining if its a hydro issue or clutch! I have done a good bit of troubleshooting to the best of my ability

what about D range? is there any gear at all that will properly power the drive wheel? does it matter where the hi/low is shifted?

how are your other fuctions? steering rockshaft and remote hydraulics?

have you tested pressure on the low pressure circuit? my thoughts are 1 of 2 things have happened.

1) your perma clutch has worn out

2) your hex shaft has rounded off at the drive in the flywheel or the transmission pump

Customer: replied 5 months ago.
Sorry same in D gear.i pressure tested at clutch port and is was 140psi and went to O if i pushed clutch and gradually went up with releasing clutch slowly. My lube pressure was 10 psi at about 1900 rpm All other functions work as there supposed to

excellent testing!

that would tell me that the perma clutch has failed. not a difficult job really.

thanks for using JA and please feel free to respond with any more questions

be sure that if you do the work yourself to have the clutch set up by a professional. there is a special tool that is required to adjust the clutch. it can be done on or off the tractor as long as you supply the flywheel. i prefer to do them on the tractor so that the pto disc doesnt slip out of place during handeling

are you all set on this?

Customer: replied 4 months ago.
Ok.Sorry for delay.I bought this tractor at auction and got a little more info from the had a few hydro leaks when i bought so i resealed pistons and rebuilt the scv and load control bushings.So while it was drained down i cleaned sump and replaced filter and new fluid.owner said it would run fine until fluid went low and he would add more and it would run sat at auction a while and i picked up and was low on fluid is there any valve or anything other than clutch itself it could be? Id hate to split and put in clutch and it be a hydro issue

you tested at the clutch port at 140 psi and that is higher than spec. Keeping it simple.... you have pressure to engage the traction clutch so it should engage. unless you broke a main input shaft.... the only other thing it really could be would be the clutch. and.... if the previous owner was running this thing low on oil he probably slipped the clutch more than her realized

if your all set i would like to close up this case

when you have a second please rate the service and ill close it up

of course if you still need assistance im here to help

thank you

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