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John Oliver
John Oliver,
Category: Construction and Road Equipment
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500E 100000 on overhaul. High water temp on long hills.

Customer Question

500E 100000 on overhaul. High water temp on long hills. Ambient temp only in 70's . Have owned truck 21 years, heavy haul application. Know this is not typical for this engine. Put pressure gauge on small line coming from thermostat housing, showed over 15 lbs pressure which I am told is good . Nothing blocking radiator . What do I try next?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Construction and Road Equipment
Expert:  John Oliver replied 1 year ago.
Hey mike I'm john and ill see what I can do to help you threw this. First off these issues are generally caused by 1) internally plugged radiator 2) thermostats that are playing games 3) viscous fan clutches that slipso start with the simple stuff first. what type of fan clutch are you using ? (viscus or air lock up)have you checked flow threw the radiator?does this engine have a charge air cooler in this application?
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Hi john I have a Horton air lock up fan seems to be working normally. Yes I have a charge air cooler. Air flow is good through radiator. Have a brakesaver so it has the large oil cooler.
Expert:  John Oliver replied 1 year ago.
ok so the engine fan probably isn't the issue then as long as the fan shroud is in good condition. I would say at this point to focus on the internal aspect of the radiator. if you are starting to clog the passages inside the radiator that may very well cause this problem. it will be hard to verify because coolant is going to flow threw it...just not fast the past I have seen issues with belts and pulleys slipping also. maybe check your fan and engine pulleys for deep grooves that would indicate slippage.I would suggest buying a good flush compound and spending so time with the radiator and see if you cant flush out some garbage....its what you cant see in there that will give you grief

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