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I just wrote a description of my problem and then probably t

Customer Question

I just wrote a long description of my problem and then probably hit a wrong key...I am hoping you got it or will find a way to contact me. It was regarding a call to a number given to me by hospital techs to reach mozilla firefox directly,(###) ###-####
They kept me on the phone for an enormous time had me insert a TeamViewer number(###) ###-####and a password ***** 6655. We contininued for a long time and I ended the call abruptly after the screen filled with a tinted warning of some computereze and a bot***** *****ne of they offered me a cost $144.00 to fix it at which time I told them I am 70, retired and at half of the poverty level as it would take them 45 minutes to fix it.
At this time I was firm in tone and told then I was hanging up. The problem is that my internet connection is with mozillafirefox and it has completley crashed. I started with a minor problem to be solved and ended up with a complete crash. Please help me. i am Virginia Steele at my cell(###) ###-####and I live at*****Apt H in Salida, Co 81201
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Computer
Expert:  Quiksilver07070 replied 1 year ago.

Hello, and thank you for choosing


I'm very sorry to hear you are having so much trouble, and that you lost your initial description, as you may have to type it again, as i could not find it.


In any case, I think you are having a bit of confusion about how all the computer and the internet works.

Let me help you understand better, and help you get your issue resolved.


First....Mozilla Firefox is a computer program as is classified as a Web Browser. Its the way you see webpages, and interact with them. What Mozilla Firefox is is NOT your internet connection, it is NOT responsible for your internet bill, it is NOT required to be able to use the internet.

Again, Firefox is simply a computer program....nothing more.


Secondly, out of all the things you typed in here, I don't see where you are actually describing your ORIGINAL problem? I realize it starts with Mozilla Firefox....but what about firefox is the issue? Does Firefox not open? Does firefox not work the way it used to? Do you get a few POP-UP's when you use firefox?


Thirdly, I realize you are a senior citizen, and I respect and commend you....however, it is NO excuse to be computer illiterate. My grandfather is a computer genius, but only learned in the last 5 years. So, its a matter of how much you WANT to learn. Coupled with a good teacher. Maybe a few courses at your local college will do wonders for your computer literacy. I do NOT mean any disrespect when i say these things, I'm just trying to help in any way possible..


So, back to your original question......what is the problem EXACTLY?

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