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My mothers Dell Tablet (I believe it is the larger Inspiron

Customer Question

my mothers Dell Tablet (I believe it is the larger Inspiron to what I have) just clicks when you turn it on. I was going to put the recovery CDs in but it wont even open windows. Is there anything I can do, and why would it just click?service tag FD7Z1X1 Express Service Code *********** Product Key RH4V6-TJDCH-CRVJC-9JY7B-3K3R8
Thank you,
Carol Chapman
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Computer
Expert:  Quiksilver07070 replied 1 year ago.

Hello Carol, and thank you for choosing


My first hunch here is that the MOTHERBOARD is, or has gone bad.


Dell has a GREAT warranty program, and because it is a tablet, i find it VERY rare for the SSD hard drive to fail, and because Dell tablets have a long history of motherboard failure, this is what im going to suggest you do, or i can do this for you....either way.


First...check the warranty status of the tablet by goind to and plugging in the service or express service code.


If it is under warranty, they will HAVE to send out a technician to fix it, because it will NOT power on at all, it only clicks.


I too have a Dell tablet, mine is a Dell Venue Pro 5150. And after only having it for 2 days, the screen went black, and never worked again. So under warranty they sent out a technician, and he couldnt fix it, so it went BACK to dell for repair, and i was shipped out a BRAND new one.


Again, i suspect its motherboard issue, which is NOT fixable unless through the warranty. Because unfortunately those parts are not sold directly to the public.