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Hi, ....I recently worked with a Microsoft tech who could not

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Hi, ....I recently worked with a Microsoft tech who could not fix my problem so he sent me an "Upgrade" disk to Windows 7 which would replace the factory installed Vista. When I received the disk it said on the Disk ...."Replacement Disk" and underneath that it says "includes Windows Anytime upgrade". No where on the disk does it give me a warning that my data and apps would be wiped clean. So I conversed with another MS tech via instant msg asking him if this would wipe out my applications. He said i would have to reinstall all my apps. I spoke to other people who were pretty computer savy and they said thats not true that the OS would be upgraded and my apps would not be affected. It seems to me that the upgrade will not affect my data and apps but i'm also wondering if it will fix the original problem. Your opinion? ....Thanks

My name is James

Welcome to Just Answer

If you are Upgrading from VISTA to Win 7 you will not lose your data or Programs, if this is an Upgrade disk

If you did a Clean install of Windows 7 Which would Format the Drive (wipe) then Install you would lose your Data

we need to be clear about upgrading and clean Install

your upgrading , (no format) so your data and Programs are safe)

Come back if you need more info

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Cheers James

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thanks James


Just one follow up to your reply ......can I expect the upgrade to remodel the registry and therefor fix the original problem that a MS tech could not fix.

FYI ....the problem was an error message that i was getting on boot up ...."The NTVDM CPU has encountered an illegal instruction". THis error message was preventing me from getting MS security updates.


Once again can I be absolutely sure this is an "upgrade disk". It says on the disk "Replacement Disk" ..and then says ..."includes Windows Anytime Upgrade". None of this seems conclusive. However most "install" disks" do have a warning on the disk saying data and files will be erased from hard drive" This one has no warning .......Does any of this sound conclusive to you? .......Thanks again!


Did you try and CCleaner and disabling your start up items to fix ths issue
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

The MS tech (paid $100 for the effort) did many things. Yes he checked for malware etc and worked in my registry and did an "SFC Scannow"



Thanks XXXXX have a look

I think i can fix it without you re-installing i can send you a link to connect ?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.


Click the Link above then

1) Click Join
2) Click Yes/Run/OK/Allow if asked
3) Click allow if asked by any Anti virus
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

My internet connection is good .....but cannot connect back to you

Remote support cheers James
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