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I did a hard drive clean up on my toshiba statelite L755 for

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I did a hard drive clean up on my toshiba statelite L755 for the first time. I was not having any real problems, I just wanted to make it run even faster. But now the computer after the process was done, wont turn on. Can you help me to know what I need to do to make it come back?

Michelle : Hi, This is Michelle and i will be assisting you
Michelle : please let me know that when you turn on laptop do you get the initial toshiba logo or not even that
Michelle : turn off laptop. take battery out as well as unplug the power cord to ensure that no power source is connected to the computer.hold and press the power button of the laptop for 5-6 seconds.then turn on the laptop on with both battery and adapter plugged in and see if it makes any difference.,
Customer: Nothing at all is happening.
Customer: Hello??
Michelle : any lights on laptop
Michelle : like battery or hard drive light
Michelle : do they come on or not
Customer: There was an orange flicker at the front of the laptop, but than it went away
Customer: It went on when i clicked the power button or rather it flickered on than off and stayed off.
Michelle : ok..please let me know that when you did a hard rive clean, did you run a factory recovery or from a disc
Customer: I just did one on my own...
Michelle : what i mean to ask is how did you run the hard drive clean..did youboot from a windows disc or ran some utility from the laptop itself
Customer: << I believe this is the link that I had watched to clean my hard drive
Michelle : ok give me a moment
Michelle : let me check
Michelle : ok seems its not a complete hard drive clean but just clearing off junk from the computer that you did
Customer: I'm still looking...i don't think that's the exact one
Customer: I'm on my other laptop that is a lot slower
Michelle : ok..there is a possibility that some important file has been deleted during this process
Michelle : let me know the opearting system on the computer..xp, vista windows 7 or 8
Customer: I am using windows 7
Customer: satelite l755
Michelle : ok
Michelle : lets try running a repair
Michelle : restart computer and keep tapping the f8 key
Customer: ok
Michelle : let me know if you get anything on screen
Customer: The computer is basically you still want me to tap on f8?
Customer: I tapped on f8, nothing happened
Michelle : ok...
Michelle : whe you turn it does a slight flicker on screen and then goes blank
Michelle : please restart and this time tap f2
Michelle : let me know if anything comes up
Customer: I pressed power and tapped f2...only the orange light at the front of the laptop flickered on...nothing else happened
Michelle : does the laptop beep
Customer: no
Michelle : is this laptop within warranty cover
Customer: no
Michelle : ok..we can check the memory on the laptop..let me check the specifications
Michelle : give me a moment please
Michelle : do you have a phillips screwdriver with you
Customer: NO i don't, but my son fixed it haha
Customer: I will rate you good
Michelle : oh ok
Michelle : thats good to know
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