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Marco, IT Consultant
Category: Computer
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Im trying to start using Firefox on a business computer. It

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I'm trying to start using Firefox on a business computer. It is loaded with games, emoticons, etc as for a child's computer. Can someone help me clear all of the garbage and then copy my IE9 Favorites to Firefox Bookmarls?

businesslegions : Hi there,My name is XXXXX XXXXX I'll be assisting you with this issue.
businesslegions : Can you please click start
businesslegions : then control panel
businesslegions : programs
businesslegions : and find firefox
businesslegions : click uninstall
businesslegions : then download a program called ccleaner and download and install the free version
businesslegions : once it's finished cleaning
businesslegions : download the latest version of firefox from here:
businesslegions : and install the program
businesslegions : once you start it up it will ask you whether you want to import your favourites
businesslegions : click yes
businesslegions : are you able to try this
Customer: It says close Firefox, but Firefox is not open the only thing open was. The Firefox uninstaller. I closed it and will try again
businesslegions : ok otherwise you may have firefox running in the background or it takes a while to close
Customer: Same thing. I checked task manager and see no instance of Firefox running. It is not on the taskbar at the bottom. I shall try one more time and then reboot the computer if it does not work.
businesslegions : ok that is strange
Customer: After Warm boot, it uninstalled. Only Mozilla Firefox maintenance service shows up as an installed program. Should I remove it also?
businesslegions : yes
businesslegions : remove all firefox instances
Customer: Okay
Customer: Regarding removed. Will go to CCleaner
businesslegions : yes
Customer: I already have the latest version of CCleaner. I have to go get my wife of work in about 15 minutes, but will try to run CCleaner now.
businesslegions : if you already have it then don't worry about it
businesslegions : just install firefox now
Customer: Hmm CCleaner is on my solid-state drive, and I'm working on my hard disk right now. I shall download it again to the hard disk drive.
Customer: I have CCleaner installed. Will follow with Firefox install.
businesslegions : ok great
Customer: I got Firefox installed. I shall start CCleaner running and go get my wife.
businesslegions : ok great
businesslegions : do you still need me?
businesslegions : I get timed out after 5 minutes of inactivity
Customer: OK
businesslegions : so do you still need me?
businesslegions : are you able to test firefox since it's already installed?
Customer: I think that I'm fine. I shall Accept.
businesslegions : Great thanks for that
businesslegions : if you can take a minute to rate my services that will be great.
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