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Steve Herrod
Steve Herrod, Computer Support Specialist
Category: Computer
Satisfied Customers: 3289
Experience:  Microsoft and Apple Certified IT Engineer - 13 years experience with home users as well as small, medium and large businesses
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One computer work station in my domain displays a message

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One computer work station in my domain displays a message "trust relationship between this work station and the primary domain has failed. ". I cannot log on to my system!

Steve Herrod :

Hi, I'll be happy to help with this issue

Steve Herrod :

usually in this instance, the quick fix is to log in with a local administrator account, remove the domain relationship and then rejoin the machine to the domain

Steve Herrod :

is it only the one machine that is showing this - every other workstation is logging on normally?

Customer: All other work stations.are working normally
Steve Herrod :


Steve Herrod :

and what server is the domain running on - 2003/2008?

Customer: Domain is running Windows 7 Professional
Steve Herrod :

do you know what the domain controller is running?

Customer: Windows 7 Pro
Steve Herrod :

ok - do you have any kind of access to the domain controller on the network?

Steve Herrod :

or a local administrator account on this Windows 7 workstation which has the error?

Customer: Yes but from another work station
Steve Herrod :

ok - the best solution will be to log in to the affected workstation as a local administrator - can that be done?

Customer: No it does not allow access
Steve Herrod :

ok - if you disconnect it from the network are you able to login with any cached domain credentials?

Customer: How do I disconnect from network and what are cached domain credentials?. Do I just unplug the connecting wires ?
Steve Herrod :

yes - just unplug the network cable

Steve Herrod :

cached domain credentials should be your username and password

Steve Herrod :

the system should remember them even though it can't communicate with the domain controller

Customer: If this lets me in what next? If no access is allowed then what?
Steve Herrod :

ok - if that lets you in does your account have admin rights?

Customer: Probably yes but not sure
Steve Herrod :

ok - if so you will need to install this utility

Steve Herrod :

and once installed run this command

Steve Herrod :

netdom.exe resetpwd /s:<server> /ud:<user> /pd:*

Steve Herrod :

where <server> is the name of the domain controller

Steve Herrod :

and <user> is the domain\username

Steve Herrod :

that will force a refresh and reset of the account on the domain controller and allow a new password XXXXX be set

Steve Herrod :

if you can't login when disconnected

Steve Herrod :

then the only solutions will require either a local administrator account

Steve Herrod :

or the computer account in Active Directory to be recreated

Customer: I appreciate your help I hope this works
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