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what ias the file $windows ~BT

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what ias the file $windows ~BT

My name is James

Welcome to Just Answer

Did you upgrade to Vista on this machine ?

I think you will find these are the files explained in this MS article below

Let me know if you have more questions

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Cheers James
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
This is a installation of XP onto a disk I have had for a while but both partitions were newly created when I installed XP. I was running Windows 7 on this computer with a RAID 0 and one of the drives failed dramatically and a chip on the control board went up like a volcano which I had not seen before. I attached this drive and installed XP from a dell computer. I created the partitions but only formatted the first. I am hoping to get thre disk from the RAID repaired if I can find a board. I was having some difficulties and this disk was used when I was hacked about 6 months ago so I was concerned that windows did not load properly since installing RAID with new disks was only way I could unhack this PC. I suspected some kind of stealth rootkit in memoryu somewhere because normal installs of new OS on new single HDD would result in iinfected disk every time. I am still wary of this with this PC but the RAID and win 7 seemed to fix the problem until the disk fried last week. GMER indicated rootkit activity and changes to SAM and Security settings in the HKEY LOCAL MACHINE portion of the registry as well as a hidden processthen windows updatyte uninstalled a bunch of secirity updates and maybe some SP files which I thought was unusual and aroused my suspicions. I was going to install another instance of windows on the second partition to use to look at the first but then found these files on the unused partitionand wondered where they came from. Itis possible when I had this hack of my network that I tried and failed to get this PC working again by installing vista and failing but would it still be on the disk if new partitions were created? If I only created one partition and didnt partition the unallocated space I think it would not read old files left on the drive would it?
Thanks for the details info

With all installing and Failed installs, then that explains these files

You can Formate the drive they are on they will do you no Harm

It sound like you have had a fair bit of trouble

Cheers James

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If your going to rate I expected more or helped a little reply and i will help you further

Cheers James

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