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How do i transfer or record movies from my Motorola 7232 DVR

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How do i transfer or record movies from my Motorola 7232 DVR to a DVD recorder or PC? Is there a way to do this or are the outputs disabled from the cable service provider?

The A+ PCTech :

Hi, I'm Ron. Thank you for asking a question. Is the connection from the DVR to the T.V. a HDMI cable or red, white, and yellow RCA cables?

The A+ PCTech :

Usually the RCA cables have signal scramble that the t.v. will not have a problem with, but the DVD recorders and VCR's could not record. The HDMI has a similar protection that seems to be ignored when using video capture technologies. They sell external hard drive devices that can capture video and even convert to HD. I mention this because there are video capture cards that you can install in a desktop that work the same way. You would have to research the capture card closely to be sure it can do this. Some use the computers technologies to do most of the work and store the copied file. Others depend on their own technology and then use the computer for the data storage.

The A+ PCTech :

Even if the video capture card can not do it, but it will allow you to view the signal on your computer just like the t.v., then you can use video capture software to copy it while it is playing on your computer.

The A+ PCTech :

Sounds like a lot of work, so I bought an external device for about $ 120.00 that does the job in one shot. Works for DVD players if you want to copy a protected DVD while a DVD recorder can not.

The A+ PCTech :

It copies the coded signal just as if it were a t.v. or monitor.

The A+ PCTech :

Then you can copy the file on the gadget and burn it to a DVD all over again without the protection. It is legal as long as you are copying something you paid for like a DVD or a purchased cable/satellite signal on the DVR.

The A+ PCTech :

And do not sell to someone else. It is simply your protection of the purchased video.

Can you see above when you come to this page my answer? If not I will copy it into one of these again or repeat all of it. And there is a lot.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
OK. Let's say i record a movie into the DVR that was aired today. The next day i decide to transfer that said movie to a pc or dvd recorder. Whats the best option?
The DVD recorder will not record the signal. The PC can, using a video capture card and software that copy it directly in the form of a file that can be played on computers or burned to a DVD.

Unless the DVR has an option to send to a VCR or DVD recorder. Some do.
Direct t.v. has or had the output for a DVD recorder or VCR, but they are only an analog signal using the RCA cables instead of the HDMI that is digital. To record that signal, you need the PC capture hardware and software.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Ok. this is FIOS from verizon hd dvr. the outputs are firewire, hdmi, s-video, USB, and component. I heard they disable some outputs but i am not certain which one. I am contemplating buying a dvd recorder. Or i may just get the pc hardware and software. Right now, the only software i have on my pc is the ULEAD DVD Movie Factory 6
The problem is with the signal encryption. Have you ever tried to record a signal from a DVD player with a VCR? You get sound and a badly distorted picture. This is the same effect with a DVR to a DVD recorder. Unless the DVR has an option to transfer the recorded programs to another source like the DVD recorder, it will not work. The DVR uses a different type of format and encoding to protect from doing just that, making copies. In fact, if you remove the hard drive from the DVR, your computer can not read it.

The PC is not effected when recording that signal using the hardware and it's accompanying software to do the job.
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