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How can I unlock WD external hard drive without losing all data?

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Forgot my password  to  unlock my WD external hard drive. How can I unlock it without loosing all my data saved?

TaylorTech :

Welcome to JustAnswer.

This has worked for me a few times to remove the old password ***** an external drive. Please try to do the following.
1) Restart your computer. Note that during computer restart, the screen goes blank for 3 to 5 seconds. Text then appears and the OS boots up.
2) As soon as the first text lines appear on the screen, press the "Del" key on your keyboard to enter the BIOS setup
3) Navigate to "Security" in the BIOS menu using the arrow keys on your keyboard
4) Navigate to the option "Hard Disk User Password" and press "Enter
5) Navigate to a hard drive, press "Enter" and select "Disable" to remove the hard drive password.
6) Press "F10" to save and exit the BIOS settings. Computer booting resumes.

This is the only solution that has worked for me, the other that I’m aware of involves formatting the drive so it can be used again.


Trying it.


Thanks, I hope it works in your case.

One more method we can try is using a recovery program to get the data off the drive, THEN proceed to format to remove the password.


Still trying first method, pc is a bit slow.


Yes, no problem at all. Once its downloaded, it should auto detect your external drive.See if it is able to recover the entire drive on the free scan, if so, you will need to purchase the program and save all the data to your current hard drive.

Just want to give you as much info as possible,without formatting and losing the lot.


Having issue getting to bios.


Your computer may be different, try F2 instead. Often the screen will give you an indication as to which button it is on your particular system.


Finally in bios, can’t find security.

Has something called password check .


Ok, what is contained in that menu?

You may not have the correct bios setup that is needed to carry out this particular procedure.


GigabyteCMOS,MB Intelligent Tweaker,ST CMOS ADV bios integrated peripheral power, MNGP health load fail, safe load optimize set super password


Recommend you proceed with step 2, I do not think you have the correct bios to perform step 1


Set user password.


That is just for the bios password. Def proceed with step 2.


Step two is another fee?

TaylorTech :

No not at all.

All advice is under this same fee.

Unless you mean the program for recovery?

Then, yes that company will charge for the data recovery only.

If the scan comes up with the files though.

You will need to make your decision once the free scan is complete, as to whether it found ALL the needed files.

This same procedure can be done with other companies, but will cost between $1500 and $3000 as the norm.




This program is used almost daily to recover drives at my business and I think it costed around $39.99.

I have had this for quite some time, but I think that is the cost.

I’m hoping the scan will let you recover the files bypassing the password.


It is scanning now. I used the scan drive.Was that right?It listed my WD passport.

This looks like it could take a while.It is searching 1600 of 91109.


Yes, perfect.

As long as you found your drive on the list it produced and you chose it for the scan.

When the scan is complete, go through and take a look at some of the files to make sure they recovered ok on the preview window.

Once you are happy with what it found, you can recover the info your internal hard drive or you can use disks.

AFTER the recover make sure that the recovered files are perfectly accessible, as we do not want to format the external only to find out that your important extracted data is corrupted and can’t be accessed.

That in turn will guarantee to ruin your day!

The general rule of that software program is that, you cannot recover back to the drive you just recovered from initially, so your internal drive or cd's is the way to go.


Ok, so what next.Just wait it out.


Yes, wait until the scan finishes - Depending on drive capacity, it can take 2 to 6 hours.

You should be able to see some of the things it has found already correct.

If it has found alot of the files already, then looks like we can pull this off :-)

It takes a long time which is why WD charges a fortune.


Ok, I can’t stay here that long as it doesn't show any.

Just that its searching.


That’s not a problem, feel free to get back to me after the scan is complete.

You should see multiple files found on the left already correct. Should give you an indication of how many it has found so far.


None there, so that's a 0.


Ok, all you can do is let it run its course and see if it finds anything afterward.


Ok, how do I contact you without getting charged again.


The bad thing about your situation is, western digital does say in the instructions that if you ever forget your password, data is nonrecoverable. After we have tried this method your only option is to format your drive and lose everything or send to WD and they will hack the code for an extortionate amount of money.

Save this page to your favorites so you can get back to me at any time.

When you click accept, you only get charged one time.

There after you can come back to this thread and follow up with me and I will not charge any fees at all.


I will get someone I know to hack it free but, do not like doing that. That’s why I am here.


With the WD drives it can often take hours and hours to get in.

But yes, it can be done with the right person.


Ok, We'll see if this works.

Thanks.Contact you later.



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