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MrComputer2010, Computer Support Specialist
Category: Computer
Satisfied Customers: 425
Experience:  15+ Years working with computers. Microsoft Partner, AMD Partner, Eset Partner, A+ Certified
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How to restore my Lenovo T61 to factory setting?

Customer Question

How to restore my lenovo t61 ton factory setting
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Computer
Expert:  MrComputer2010 replied 4 years ago.

MrComputer2010 :
1. Press the blue thinkvantage button during initial startup of the laptop.
2. Then select restore to factory condition.
3. Choose full factory restore.
This would only work if the T61 still have the recovery partition intact.

Customer :
I am not seeing factory restore when i press the blue bottom

MrComputer2010 :
What do you see?
Does it show... Startup Interrupt Menu
Press one of the following keys to continue:
ESC to resume normal startup
F1 to enter the BIOS Setup Utility
F12 to choose a temporary startup device
Press ENTER to pause ...

If it shows the above then it means the recovery partition is not intact. Remember you have to press the blue button when your computer first turns on. If the recovery partition is not intact it will not load up and you will need the recovery disks to restore it to factory.

Customer :
How do I get the recovery disc? Can I just wipe the laptop

MrComputer2010 :
You can order them online:
What do you mean wipe?

Customer :
Just delete everything from the lap top

MrComputer2010 :
Yes you can wipe it, but if you do that then it won't work.

Customer :
Date and time
When I press the Blue bottom at startup I am seeing config
Hdd diagnostic
Won't work how, won't I be able to reload window etc

MrComputer2010 :
Do you have a windows disk?

Customer :

MrComputer2010 :
What version of windows do you have?

Customer :
Microsoft office enterprise 2007

MrComputer2010 :
That is microsoft office, not microsoft windows

Customer :
Oh, that's the only things i use the lap top for, typing, quick book, etc

MrComputer2010 :
why do you want to restore it ? is it not working ok?

Customer :
It was my late dad's laptop and he has mcafee endpoint encryption on it and don't know his password ***** how to bypass it so I just want to delete all that he had on it

MrComputer2010 :
I see.

The best thing to do is to get the recovery disks. This will restore the system back to factory.

Customer :
I will order it now but that will take a while to reach in the mail

MrComputer2010 :
I think thats the best thing to do, You will be able to wipe it clean and set it back up to factory condition.

Customer :
I don't see my product number in the link that u send me so i am not able to place the Order

MrComputer2010 :
Please provide this number to me

Customer :
Product ID: 765912U
S/N L3-N5816

MrComputer2010 :
Did the laptop have windows vista or xp

Customer :

MrComputer2010 :
can you get into the system?

Customer :

MrComputer2010 :
ok you are going to have to call lenovo for the recovery disks

Customer :
Why cant I order it and have to call

MrComputer2010 :
because that website does not have the disks you need

Customer :
I will just forget about it and buy a new laptop one day as my hp stopped working and i need something to use now. But this ain't working out

MrComputer2010 :
There is nothing I can do, the only way to recovery is with the disks

Since you can not access the recovery partition by pressing the blue think advantage key as soon as the computer turns on and you can not get into the system, the only other way to restore the computer is with the recovery media (disks).

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