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Why my Outlook takes too long to delete or label as junk and

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Why my Outlook takes too long to delete or label as junk and then says not resonding

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It sounds like an add-on may be affecting the performance of Outlook. Can you try the following?


  1. Make sure Outlook is closed.
  2. Hold down the CTRL key on your keyboard and open Outlook again.
  3. You should be asked if you want to start Outlook in Safe Mode. Please click Yes.
  4. Try working in Junk Mail and tell me performance is better.





Customer: replied 5 years ago.
It seems to work better. I did not get the not responding message
OK so it is most likely an add-on. We just have to find out which one it is. What version of Outlook are you using (2003, 2007, 2010)?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

OK use these instructions to pinpoint which add-in is causing the problem and then disable it or reinstall it depending on your preference. Let me know if you get stuck.



  • 1. Start Outlook in Safe Mode again if you closed it.
  • 2. Click on File -> Options.
  • 3. In the Options window, click the Add-ins heading on the left.
  • 4. The right hand pane will change to reflect the add-in list.
  • 5. Make sure that the Manage drop down is set to COM Add-ins and click Go.
  • 6. A new window will appear. You now have a choice. You can clear all the checkboxes and restart Outlook. Then add each line back by checking the box, restarting Outlook until you find the one that makes Outlook lock up.
  • 7. Your second choice is to uncheck one add-in at a time, restarting Outlook each time until it works correctly without using the Safe Mode switch.
  • 8. Once you have located the malfunctioning add-in, you can either leave it disabled, remove it completely if it is something you do not use, or reinstall the associated application (e.g. antivirus).
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I accept the answer. It appears to be related to Kapersky anti virus add-in. I deslected that one first and it works much better. Will my computer still be protected?
Yes antivirus for your email is kind of redundant these days. The active scanner will catch an attachment before you open it. You can leave it disabled. Please click the Accept button if satisfied and thanks so much!
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