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Know anything about Google Sketch Up

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Know anything about Google Sketch Up

Hi I am one of the experts here on Just


Is the something specific about Sketch up you need help with?

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I am trying to learn sketch up to design a conservatory. Yhe tutorials are very good but I can't isolate a surface to push/pull from underlying structures. In this case a cill set on 2 walls with cavity. A cill drawn
by guidelines/tapemeasure and then finished by draw to form a closed surface is not free of the walls below. On pulling the surface to form a 0.75 mm cill, the walls are stretched as well - not the solid cill required. ameans to select the cill outline only is what I need.


There are several ways to select something. Try some of these steps


1. If you single click a surface - it highlights the plane

double click a surface - it will highlight the plane and bounding lines

triple click a surface - it highlights all adjoining faces and lines


2. If you have something that is sticking to everything else around it, the easiest way to move it is to highlight it all, group it, edit the group to cut out everything that is not part of the object, Then you can move it or grow it without affecting things around it.


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