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can i retrieve windows live messenger conversation history

Resolved Question:

can i retrieve windows live messenger conversation history if in the settings menu the box where it said messenger history was not checked. this is an urgent item that i need. i am trying to bring my wife here from china and i have been communicating with her for more than 2 and half years. immigration will deni her visa unless i can prove that we have been communicating for at least 6 months before i went to china to marry her. i started my web cam communications on or around march or april 2009 and i married her sept 28th 2009 i need this history. can you help me please. recently i got hacked in my computer and i lost all my contacts. i had to change my e mail address .the address i was using to communicate [email protected] this is the address where all communication took place. please respond asap. thank you. my tel number is XXXXX and my new e mail [email protected]
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Computer
Expert:  Josh replied 5 years ago.

You are unable to sign into the account with the history?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
josh, im not satisfied with your answer. give me some solution as to how to get these documents im requesting. waiting for your reply. if i cannot get a solution can i get my money back?
Expert:  Josh replied 5 years ago.
Are you able to sign into the account where the conversations took place?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
no!! 3 weeks ago someone hacked into my computer and i was forced to get a new e mail address. i could no longer log in with my old address that i had for several years. i lost all my contacts and all my e mails. but what i need, is the history of us talking on msn starting form the beginning back around april 2009 when i first met my wife until now. i know detectives can retrieve info all the time for crimes committed. i hope theres a way of doing mine. let me know asap
Expert:  Josh replied 5 years ago.
I am going to give you the steps to access your account again so you can retrieve anything in that email account

Click here to go to the recovery form --à

This is a special portal that Windows Live (Hotmail) has set up to assist those who have had their account compromised and/or who are unable to access their alternate e-mail or answer their security question.

Type in the e-mail address you want to recover in the first blank on that page, then type an alternate e-mail address that you can currently access (doesn't have to be associated with your Hotmail account). If you don't have an alternate e-mail address, you can sign up for a free one with Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail, etc

Click Continue once you've filled in those two fields...

Then you will need to fill in your name, birth date, and country. All other fields are totally optional; however, the more fields you enter with 100% accuracy, the better your chances of getting your account back.

- The billing information portion should be left blank. DO NOT fill in the any of the four boxes in the billing information section. - If you fill in anything and press continue it will give you an error message and you will need to start over

If the first fields that you enter in don't match up with your account information, you'll see this error on top: You didn't provide us with enough information to confirm your identity. Please complete more fields in addition to the ones you have currently completed.

If that is the case, you will need to then enter additional details, as many as you can with 100% accuracy, in the rest of the form.

As long as you provide other details (like people you frequently e-mail), and as long as you send the request from a place that you frequently access your e-mail account from (like home, work, or school), they will generally have no problem sending you account reset information so that you can get back into your e-mail.

At the end of that form, click Continue.

On the final page, you will be given a PIN to access a forum. Please write this PIN down!

If you do not receive a PIN then you have not completed the form correctly.

You can use your PIN with this private forum and post any questions you might here

Forum link is here ----à

Note: This process can take 1-7 business days for the completion of your account recovery. Please DO NOT submit more then one form. Each request pushes the previous request to the back of the line and starts the 1-7 business day cycle over again.

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