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my computer screen shows a dark gray volume box when i turn

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my computer screen shows a dark gray "volume" box when i turn the computer on.
there is a yellow speaker, volume line (red) and "100". what is the fix? this
pop-up is very annoying. thanks.

Hello, can you at least listen to video's and music on the computer without any problems?


Also, are you running a 32bit or 64bit edition of Vista? If you dont know, lets find out.



1) Click Start

2) Right-Click Computer

3) Click Properties


What is the System Type?

Customer: replied 6 years ago.

dont know bit edition.

sound ok on computer.


Thanks! Please follow my instructions to find out.



1) Click Start

2) Right-Click Computer

3) Click Properties


What is the System Type?

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
i dont know system type.

If you will do what I told you to find out then you would know.


1) Please click on START (This is the Vista ORB button) on the bottom left-hand corner




2) Please RIGHT-CLICK using your mouse on the word Computer



Right-Click Computer



3) Please click PROPERTIES


4) Look for System and under this is your System Type


System Type



As you can see, mine is a 64bit operating system. Now, please tell me what is yours?

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
32 bit system

Perfect! Please do this for me now.



1) Click Start

2) Type regedit and press enter (in the start search box) which is below All Programs

3) Click Continue

4) Click the > sign for HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE

5) Click the > sign for Software

6) Click the > sign for Microsoft

7) Click the > sign for Windows

8) Click the > sign for CurrentVersion

9) Click the folder called RUN & (LOOK ON THE RIGHT-HAND SIDE NOW)


Here, you need to keep Default, and your Anti-Virus Program if listed so they boot up when the computer turns on. Everything else you may safely right-click and delete.


When you have done this, restart the computer and not only should it boot up faster, but that message should be gone.





Edited by Anthony Brewster on 6/22/2010 at 8:27 PM EST
Customer: replied 6 years ago.


the pop-up is now gone. thanks for your help. i will contact if it reappears.


Your very much welcomed. Please leave feedback after you click on accept. You may also save this page to your Favorites by using CTRL+D keys on the keyboard to get back in touch with my quickly.



Please click on the Green Accept Button to the right-hand side of the page here to ensure payment is made.


If you run into the problem again just let me know.




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