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I bought an MP3 album on Amazon, that I wanted to burn to CD

Customer Question

I bought an MP3 album on Amazon, that I wanted to burn to CD and give to my daughter. (Today is her birthday, & I live in the country with NO transportation.)
I got the album, but every time I tried to burn it, on Windows Media Player, I was told that the burn feature was disabled!
So Itried several other downloads that are supposed to allow burning, but nothing worked, that I could figure out, anyway.
SO, I PAID $39.99 to get the "Premium Windows Media Player" program, so I could burn the CD, and it STILL DOES ~NOT~ WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am PULLING MY HAIR OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can NOT afford to just WASTE $40!!! My daughter will be home from work in abouyt 1 1/2 hours, and I still CANNOT BURN the CD!!!!!!!!!!!
If you can, please CALL ME, my number is XXXXX or please e-mail me back, [email protected], or however you do this.....
Donna Gearhart
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Computer
Expert:  lifesaver replied 8 years ago.
I think the cd is copy righted and hence you are not allowed to burn,

Insert the disc,Open windows media player and rip the disc.

Reply to me after you try this.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
<p><strong>     It is an MP3 CD that I bought ON LINE, <em>it's instant! </em>So I CANNOT insert it!! The lady I spoke to on the phone, at Amazon, assured me that I would be able to BURN it after I bought it!</strong></p><p><strong>     So NO, your answer does NOT help!</strong></p>
Expert:  lifesaver replied 8 years ago.
Can you download the mp3 Cd to your desktop.After that burning wont be a problem...
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I don't know HOW to download it to my desktop. But I have burned MANY CDs before, and it will not even work with some of the SAME SONGS I have burned previously. EVERY single time I try to burn even ONE sone, I get a note that says there was "an error", or it just says "CD burning is disabled", right on my Windows Media Player page. I am just about to just GIVE UP!!
I cannot AFFORD a new computer, and I can't afford to have my computer worked on at a repair store. I really can't afford the $39.99 I just paid for the Real Player upgrade... :( But I figured it would be worth it, to just be able to burn my CDs again likje I used to. I have made DOZENS of CDs for my daughter in Colorado, my son, for friends... I made Celtic CDs, Oldies, Country & Western, songs I downloaded on Limewire, songs & albums I uploaded myself...
I can COPY CDs that I put INto my computer, but that's all. I am ~SO~ discouraged!!
If nothing helps, I will not have to "accept" and you the $9.00 will I? :( :( :( :( :(
Expert:  lifesaver replied 8 years ago.
Yes i understand how it must be feeling now but i just dont how to help you further.It was just my advice if by any means you could save the music to your desktop .i dont think you need to aaccept my answer as it has not helped you.

I will even request a refund if your problem is not solved.But for now i will find you another expert who might have a better idea than me.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Thanks... I am SO discouraged! NOTHING is working for me... Not just my music either. I couldn't find my lawnmower batter, as I had taken it in for the winter, so I bought a new one, when I was in town on Sunday with my daughter, & got it _in_ OK, & it turns over, but still won't start... ANOTHER wasted $40! And the grass is OVER knee high now... And LOTS of other things too... (I live in the country, and my car broke down several months ago, so I don't even have transportation now, unless my daughter is off work & goes in...)
doggone it... :(

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