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I stepped on my laptop LCD screen and broke it (new

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I stepped on my laptop LCD screen and broke it (new toshiba 105 4 months old) . It is very expensive to fix it between 3 to 7 hundred. So I tried to buy a new flat screen instead. Plugged it in and when the lap top boots the pic on the new flat screen opens and then it says no signal because my laptop screen comes on. In the corner that isn't cracked I can see a window that says new hardware found. It asks me for an installation cd....the new screen doesn't have one. Is ther a way to bypass my lcd screen on my laptop?

Hi Amy - Sorry to hear about the screen! There may be a key on your keyboard that says CRT/LCD (on my Toshiba Latitude D600, this is on my F8 key). Usually this works in conjunction with the Function Key - so I would hold down the Function key (bottom left) and hit F8 to change the output. I may have to do this one or two times (with a pause in between) to get it to the right setting.. key hitting it and it will cycle back through - there are only 3 or 4 different modes.

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