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how do i delete pictures off of my sony handycam

Customer Question

i have a sony handycam with sony rewritable dvd's. It takes video and still shots. How do i delete still shots to make room on the dvd?
Submitted: 10 years ago.
Category: Computer
Expert:  123 replied 10 years ago.
I already have a great answer for You. I just need to make sure exactly what model of Sony Handycam it is so that I can give You the best answer possible. Thanks, Bryan
Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Reply to BryanHadaway's Post: I guess I'll just read off to you what it says on the side of the camera?
It says DVD +RW/-RW/-R Compatible   DCR-DVD 105
Carl Zeiss Lens
Touch Panel LCD

It writes directly to a DVD +RW 8cm disc.
I need to make room on the disc and would like to erase some pics that aren't necessary.
Expert:  123 replied 10 years ago. is the direct link to the official manual for your Sony DCR-DVD 105 Handycam. Click on Operating Guide.

Deleting Images is a different case for every Disc type (DVD-R, DVD-RW, and DVD+RW).

You cannot delete a recorded image from this type of disc.

1.Slide the POWER switch to turn on your camcorder and press PLAY/EDIT.
2.Select tab or tab that includes the images you want to delete, then touch [EDIT].
3.Touch [DELETE].
4.Select the image to be deleted.
The selected scene is marked with a check. Press and hold the image on the LCD screen to confirm the image. Touch return to return to the previous screen.
5.Touch OK > [YES].
You cannot recover an image once you delete it.
To delete all still images off the disc at the same time
Touch [DELETE ALL] in step 3.

You can check or delete the last recorded image.
You cannot delete if:
You have removed the disc.
You have recorded new movies or still images after it.
1.Press the Trash icon during the review
2.Touch [YES].
You cannot recover the image once deleted.
If the image is grayed out you cannot delete it.

If you need any more Help or have any Questions, please feel free to ask. Thanks, Bryan