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Understanding Packet Switching vs. Circuit Switching

Customer Question

Explain the flaw in the following logic: Packet switching requires control and addess bits to be added to each packet. This causes considerable overhead in packet switching. In circuit switching, a transparent circuit is established. No extra bits are needed. Therefore, there is no overhead in circuit switching. Because there is no overhead in circuit switching, line utilization must be more efficient than in packet switching.
Submitted: 12 years ago.
Category: Computer
Expert:  mac220 replied 12 years ago.
I believe this statment is true BUT... the difference in the two technologies is that packet switching allows mutliple "simultaneous" conversations over the same line because each packet is bundled with it destination instructions. In circuit switching the line is dedicated to a single conversation so true there is less overhead in circuit switching but i believe that the line is NOT being used efficiently. The truth is that it really depends on what application or function you are using these circuits for and the paramaters by which you define efficient in relation to the application or function.   
Customer: replied 12 years ago.
Reply to mac220's Post: Thanks for your input, but I need a little bit more information to help me in my research. I will keep trying to obtain input from other additional sources. Thanks again.
Expert:  Alex Diang’a replied 12 years ago.
Taking into account macc220's reply, please login to the following web pages to know more on the said subject and
I hope you'll get some help
Customer: replied 12 years ago.
Reply to Alex Diang’a's Post: Thanks Alex for your help. macc220's information along with yours was very helpful. I also got some input from my IT department associates to give me further insight to my question. I really appreciate your willingness to help someone who is trying to learn about this field. All information that helps educate me moves me closer to my decision for a career change. Trying to learn all I can. Thanks again.