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Can I set up my Netgear N600 as an access point (piggybacked

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Can I set up my Netgear N600 as an access point (piggybacked via an ethernet connection to my primary router?

JBryan42 :

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JBryan42 :

Yes you can. Here are the setup instructions:

JBryan42 :

Netgear n600 WNDR3700 access point (AP) setup instructions.

These are my instructions when you have two Netgear n600 WNDR3700. This is for the situation when one is your primary router and you want to set the second as an access point (AP).

1. Log into main router and find out IP subnet and subnet mask and then log off. Default IP address is
2. Log into secondary router that is going to be the access point. I will refer to it as AP1.
To log on... plug an ethernet cable into your computer and plug the other end into any of the four ethernet ports on AP1. These are color coded orange when looking at the bottom of AP1.
Do NOT have any other ethernet cables plugged into AP1 right now.
3. Open a browser and go to either or
4. The default username and password XXXXX
5. Navigate to Setup->Basic Settings
In Internet IP Address sect select Get Dynamically from ISP.
In Domain Name Server (DNS) Address select Use These DNS Server.
Primary DNS:
Secondary DNS:
Click Apply.
6. Navigate to Advanced->LAN Setup.
7. In LAN TCP/IP setup enter the IP address that you want AP1 to have.
Example: IP Address
Subnet Address
8. Uncheck Use Router as DHCP Server.
9. Click Apply
10. Plug ethernet cable from main router to any of the three remaining four ethernet ports on AP1.
NOTE: do NOT plug cable into AP1 Internet port which is color coded yellow. It will never be used will as an AP.
11. Power cycle AP1 by either pushing the power button off/on or unplugging/plug in the power supply.
12. In a browser go to IP address you assigned AP1. In my example go to
13. Navigate to Setup->Wireless Settings. Make any preferred changes.
I want to broadcast both G and N both using WPA2-PSK [AES] security and provide passphrase.
For each check Enable SSID Broadcast
For each uncheck Enable Wireless Isolation
Change the name of the SSID to something other than the default.
Click Apply
14. Navigate to Setup->Guest Network b/g/n and make preferred changes.
I want to broadcast a guest b/g/n. Below is what I change.
Check Enable Guest Network.
Check Enable SSID Broadcast.
Check Allow guest to access My Local Network.
Change the Guest Wireless Network Name (SSID) to something else.
Change the security to WPA2-PSK [AES] and type in a passphrase.
Click Apply.
15. Navigate to Setup->Guest Network a/n and make preferred changes.

Final notes:

Two settings that drove me batty and prevented the AP1 from working all the way through:
1. Uncheck Enable Wireless Isolation in Wireless Settings or your wireless AP won't be able to access the internet. Your wired AP will work but wireless won't.
2. Check Allow guest to access My Local Network in Guest Network Settings or the guest computer won't be able to access the internet.
Make sure to change the default password XXXXX access AP1.
Maintenance->Set Password
Take backup of AP1 settings
Maintenance->Backup Settings

JBryan42 :

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You inferred that both routers needed to be a Netgear product. Is that really necessary?

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