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Netman70, LAN/WAN Engineer
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I have attempted to setup my Netgear WN604 for 3 days now.

Customer Question

I have attempted to setup my Netgear WN604 for 3 days now. I only got it to partially to work once. I can no longer access the setup web page using the address. I have tried to set up now on 3 different CPS with no luck. The WLAN blue light rarely will lite and never stays on the whole time. I can reboot the unit by unplugging as recommended and it will stay lit for maybe a minute or 2. But during that time I cannot get my HP laptop to find it's network. During that process the blue light goes off and stays off till I can reboot and most of the time that doesn't relight the blue LED indicating that the wireless signal is getting out.
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Networking
Expert:  Netman70 replied 5 years ago.


welcome to just answers.



Try to access your routers web page by going to


user name =admin. password= password


If that helps you please click accept and have a Merry Christmas..



Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I'm not a novice at this! This is NOT a router. Can't you tell by the Model #? The webpage IP is The problem is that it cannot find this address when the Access unit is plugged into the PC directly. I'm thinking a defective unit but nned verification.
Expert:  Netman70 replied 5 years ago.

I agree that was my first thought defective device, I would return it and get a new one.





Merry Christmas

Expert:  Netman70 replied 5 years ago.

If you look on Net gears web site for the WN604 it has the users manual and on page 12 of the manual it states " The access point is set, by default, with the IP address of with DHCP disabled."


Thats why I was advising you to use that address .


you can view the manual here-->


Hope that helps..and dont forget to click accept..


Have a Merry Christmas

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