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how to skip hulu commercials

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how to skip hulu commercials
There have been and will probably be more programs and hacks which allow you to block ads on Hulu. The problem with those however is that Hulu makes its money off of advertising and would not exist if everyone were able to block those ads. It would not make any money and would cease to exist, then no one could watch Hulu. That is why the ads are there. When someone puts a method to skip the ads on the internet, Hulu also sees that method and quickly changes what they do in thier backend to stay "one step ahead" of the skipping methods. This means that any method you employ will likely stop working within a few days or weeks.

That being said, there is one method to "skip" commercials which requires no hacks or programs, and is perfectly legit because the commercials still "run":

Open Hulu and select your program. Open another tab or browser and open Hulu again to the same program. Mute the volume on the second one and fast forward to just before the first commercial. Go back to the first Hulu you opened and watch your program. When it gets to the first commercial, mute it, open the second Hulu and unmute it, and rewind to the first commercial. Since it has already played that commercial, the show will start instantly from that point, thus "skipping" the commercial. You just go back and forth between the two instances of Hulu you opened and can effectively watch a whole show without having to sit through any of those painful 30 second commercials.

This is the only way to "skip" commercials on Hulu that will last, however it almost seems like more work than it's worth to me personally.

If you want a fix that will block commercials but will only work for a day or two or a week or whatever, let me know and I'll give you some links to some sites which offer programs and such that will do that - I'd be wary of downloading and installing anything however, because you could be installing malware, spyware or even a virus, any one of which is infinitely worse than watching hulu commercials. Smile

Please let me know if there is anything else I can do for you today.


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