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Adam F
Adam F, System Administrator
Category: Networking
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Experience:  Microsoft Exchange 2003/2007, MCP, Windows 2003/2008 AD/DHCP/DC, Desktop Support, Server Support.
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Hello, I have an Avaya Definity system G3csiV12. It is not

Customer Question

Hello, I have an Avaya Definity system G3csiV12. It is not sending call info (cdr?) out the eia port to our call accounting system. This stopped awhile ago after a thunderstorm. What can I check to see what might be wrong?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Networking
Expert:  Adam F replied 7 years ago.
HelloCustomerbr />
First thing I would do is check the status of the CDR unit you are using. This can be done with the following command:

status cdr link

If the link is showing up, or down, try the following:

busy cdr link
release cdr link

After running these commands, check the status (do this several times) of the CDR link, as it will stable out over 5-10 seconds:

status cdr link

You can also test the CDR link by running the following command:

test cdr link long

When the command sucessfully completes, please advise me of any error codes, and the test number the error codes fall on.

I manage a Definity One system, but we do not use call reporting by Avaya (CallXpress). I do know how to test these links through, and advise of the best troubleshooting.


Customer: replied 7 years ago.



Thanks for the response.


The cdr link command was not valid but F5 Help showed me that cdr-link was correct.

So status cdr-link showed that the link is up.


Busy was not a valid command but busyout was valid but the only option after that was mis.


Since I couldn't use the busy command I figured I shouldn't use the release command.


I tried to use the test command but the only option for test was firmware.


I know that our system is kinda old so maybe that is the reason for the differences in command options.


Any other ideas?


Bob (dexter)

Expert:  Adam F replied 7 years ago.
Sorry for the incomplete commands, this was going stricktly off of memory, and my BlackBerry in which I typed it :)

As for the testing, you can try the following also:

  • Restart the PBX system.
I will query my other Avaya documentation, and find out what I can find out.

Regards, XXXXX
Expert:  Adam F replied 7 years ago.
After thinking this through, lets try some of the following:

  • run a list trunk config, and see which trunks should have CDR enabled.
  • To ensure that the CDR is enabled, run the disp trunk <trunk #> command, and on the first page you will see a section labeled CDR, which should have a Y next to it. If not, run a cha trunk <trunk #> command to enable this, then click the enter button (or which ever your commit change button is, I am using ASA).
  • Afterwards, check the cabling from the EIA port to your reporting server.
  • Also, if you can find out the board number that you are having issues reporting from (it should be a C-LAN board), then please run the following commands to test/ensure that the board is good:
    status board <board #>
    view the board status and please report back
    busyout board <board #>
    verify that the board passed the busyout command (simple test), and report back the functions
    release board <board #>
    verify the board does go back into service. THIS IS CRITICAL, AS BUSYOUT WILL PLACE IT OUT OF SERVICE UNTIL YOU RELEASE IT
    test board <board #> long
    report back the status from the test

You may also want to do this on the trunk group that CDR is enabled on, and having the issue, and the EIA port (same commands, but you replace board with trunk or port).

Hopefully this information will help me troubleshoot the board/port/trunk further.


Adam F

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