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Re:HP Photosmart Prem...C 309g I've colored printed from

Customer Question

re:HP Photosmart Prem...C 309g
I've colored printed from e-mail photos, colored coped photos on 4x6 and on full sheet with
success for years. Currently I can only get prints in a rather pale black. I have installed an entire set of five new color cartridges and seem to have followed prior proceeds.I've tucked the cartridges in tightly.
The only change I can think of is a new "mouse"(wireless as was the prior one) and it's installation has not interfered with any other Windows7 functions.
What suggestions do you have to solve problem and return my printer to the world of color? I've spent hours trying and I'm going NUTS!
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Computer Hardware
Expert:  Jason Carlamere replied 1 year ago.

Hello - Let's see if we can get your printing in color again.

First - reinstall your drivers...

Expert:  Jason Carlamere replied 1 year ago.

Hello - Were you able to reinstall your drivers ?

Expert:  Robert M. replied 1 year ago.

are there any errors showing on the printer itself ?

one of 2 things are happening

either the computer is sending the pictures in gray scale either because of an accidental check mark in the box that says "gray scale" on the options when you print. or because it thought the color was out and put itself into emergency mode where it will still print with no color cartridges.

If the print outs show the complete picture but its all in various shades of gray rather than colors this is what has happened

The other possibility is that it is trying to print in color but the color ink is just not getting to the page. either because of a clogged print head or defective or empty cartridges.

if the printout shows a blank or extremely light black area where a color should be but no color than this is what is happening.

the difference will be that the picture is actually recognizable if it is printing in gray scale like looking at an old black and white tv or a charcoal drawing.

if you can tell me which one it seems to be i can tell you how to fix it.

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