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Chevrolet belair: I have a 1961 chevyy with a 283 engine will

Customer Question

I have a 1961 chevyy with a 283 engine will it start if the rotary is 10 degrees off
Submitted: 11 months ago.
Category: Classic Car
Expert:  Gary replied 11 months ago.
Hi John,10 degrees at the rotor is 20 crank degrees.Depending on which way you are talking, the timing could be at 26 BTDC or***** could be reluctant to start.Do you know what to do now?Gary
Customer: replied 11 months ago.
If my number 1 piston is at tdc and the marks on the cam & crank are lined
up correctly but the rotary is pointing at the number 6 plug what's my problem
Expert:  Gary replied 11 months ago.
Sounds like your distributor is 180 out.Firing order 1843 6572.Are you sure you are at No 1 TDC compression, not TDC valve overlap.No. 6 is also at TDC when No. 1 is.Gary
Expert:  Gary replied 10 months ago.
Hi John,Do you need any further assistance?I hope my advice has been helpful.Please rate my service at your nearest convenience.Kind regards Gary

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