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ASEMaster35yrs, Master Auto Tech
Category: Classic Car
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Experience:  Master Auto tech since 1972,I own a 65 mustang and have built a 57 ford race car from the bottom up
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Dodge Coronet 440: How big around is a 1967 steering wheel

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How big around is a 1967 steering wheel factory dodge coronet, manual steering? Is got to be bigger than 15"

ASEMaster35yrs :

The stock steering wheel is 15 inches. Are you looking for a bigger steering wheel? Why?

ASEMaster35yrs :

Do you have a standard column?

ASEMaster35yrs :

If you have manual steering and it's hard to turn, you can adjust your caster more negative to make steering easier.

ASEMaster35yrs :

Or you can convert to power steering.


Factory wheel ive a grant 15" factory have got be big than that.Ive seen a lot a car mabey 16" or 18".

ASEMaster35yrs :

I will look to see if I can find one to fit you column but why do you need a bigger one?

ASEMaster35yrs :

I'm switching to Q&A format to be notified of your response.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I have to find one and measure it.

If your looking for OEM steering wheel for restoration purposes for your car you can get one here:


ASEMaster35yrs and other Classic Car Specialists are ready to help you

Yes, caster adjustment is part of alignment. Caster does not effect tire wear but does affect how the car handles down the road. The more positive caster you have, the more tendency to make the car go straight down the road. However this will make it harder to turn your steering wheel and more effort is required. Cars with manual steering are specified with negative caster to make steering easier. However if you go too far negative, this has a tendency to make the car wander. A good setting would be 1 degree negative caster for a car with manual steering. Cars with power steering usually are set 2.5 degrees positive caster since steering effort is assisted. Personally I set my vehicle as far positive caster as I can and don't mind the extra effort it takes to steer but you can set it to whatever you are comfortable with. Camber and toe are the important tire wearing angles and should be set at minimum specifications when using radial tires. You can custom align to your vehicle to the way you want your car to handle. Here is another link for original steering wheels:

Did you call call 715-426-HEMI?

ASEMaster35yrs and other Classic Car Specialists are ready to help you
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