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1936 Ford: coupe..running fine..the horn button on the steering wheel

Resolved Question:

Please help with my 1936 Ford 5-window coupe, v-8. It was running fine, and for the first time the horn button on the steering wheel did not work. While stopped in front of my house, I turned the rotary headlight switch which is also on the steering wheel and the motor died and I have no power at all. The battery is fully charged, there are no loose wires that I can find. The restorer thinks it is a battery terminal but both are tight. The car wasn't moving when it quit. He thought it was a wire but I can't find a loose wire. I have no lights, nothing. Could this be in the steering wheel and if so, how do I get in there.


Dick Rogovin
Blacklick, Ohio
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Classic Car
Expert:  Don replied 7 years ago.
hi there my name is don i will try to help you on this

it sounds to me like you lost a ground or a fuse able link
what wiring are you using and engine
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
It's a Ford v-8, 1936 model, 85 hp. The wiring is supposed to be per original specs but I'm not sure. This is what I just found. At the end of the steering column in the engine compartment is a silver or nickle covered cylinder about 2-3 inches in diameter and about 3 inches long the end of which fits up into the steering post, held on by a looped wire. Two prongs coming out of the end of the steering post fit into slots in this cylinder. A lot of wires come out of the other end of the cylinder. I assume that all the controls on the steering wheel run down the post and into this cylinder. As I said I started the car fine, but the horn didn't work, the horn is a button in the center of the steering wheel. While parked with the motor running I turned the light switch (a ring in the center of the steering wheel around the horn button) and that killed the juice. The battery tests good, the terminals are connected and grounded, and I can't find any loose wires.
Expert:  Don replied 7 years ago.
hi there thanks for that information

do you have power to the amp meter and do you have a diagram of your car
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

There is no power to the amp meter but i tested the battery and there's plenty of juice. I don't have a diagram.
Expert:  Don replied 7 years ago.
hi there thanks for that information

here is one of the diagrams i will get you the other


i believe that you problem lies in the terminal plate
Expert:  Don replied 7 years ago.
here is your complete wiring

Don and other Classic Car Specialists are ready to help you
Expert:  Don replied 7 years ago.
hi there thanks for the accept it was my pleasure to assist you have a great day

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