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I have a 2008 Town & Country Touring. One morning when

Customer Question

I have a 2008 Town & Country Touring. One morning when turning on the car the headlights breifly flashed and would not come back on. The brights as well. Everything else is fine. I replaced the headlight switch. Made no difference. I unhooked the battery cables and touched them together. No difference. The headlights flash for a micro second on startup and then nothing. Hoping I don't need a new TIPM
JA: Have you checked the fuses? Have you checked the bulbs?
Customer: Bulbs are fine. Fuses are all intact. Is there a relay that would control both the high and lowbeams?
JA: What is the make/model of your car?
Customer: 2008 Town and Country Touring VIN# *****
JA: Are you fixing your Town and Country yourself? What have you tried so far?
Customer: Replaced headlight switch no difference
JA: Anything else you want the mechanic to know before I connect you?
Customer: Unhooked battery cables and touched them together to drain the capacitors. No difference.
Submitted: 27 days ago.
Category: Chrysler
Expert:  david craig replied 26 days ago.

Hi Im David, there isnt a relay to control both functions. it all comes from the tipm unfortunately.

Customer: replied 26 days ago.
given the symptoms, am I looking at a fried TIPM? I know that for 2008 the BCM and FCM were integrated into the TIPM. Is there anything like a wire harness that is exclusive to the headlights or is likely an internal bus in the TIPM that has failed? Since this is a 2008 I am hesitant to go to the dealer. I can get a refurbed TIPM online for about $450 and it's easy to r and r. Just want to rule some things out and cover all my bases before I drop a chunk of cash. Everything else works perfectly on the car.
Expert:  david craig replied 26 days ago.

that will take some digging to sort that out, so allow me a bit of time. thanks

Customer: replied 26 days ago.
Thanks. Not going anywhere. Can't drive it at night. VIN # 2A8HR54P48R648092. Off to go vote!
Expert:  david craig replied 26 days ago.

go trump!

Customer: replied 26 days ago.
Bought a replacement bulb just to check. No dice. Turned on the car. Lights quickly flashed twice, once, then once again. then nothing. All other lights are normal.
Expert:  david craig replied 26 days ago.

unless you want to start moving wires around coming out of the tipm to see if you can get an intermittent fault , its the tipm. but ill pull up a print for you anyways.

Expert:  david craig replied 26 days ago.

what engine?

Customer: replied 26 days ago.
3.8L V6 OHV62TE trans
Expert:  david craig replied 26 days ago.

ok, thanks

Expert:  david craig replied 26 days ago.

Chrysler wants every switch to go through a computer. Then one computer talks to another. The first computer is called the Body Control Module, the BCM sees the reduced voltages and signals the FCM(located inside the TIPM) to switch the power on and off to the lights. The prints are not going to do any good. its either the fcm or the tipm thats bad.

Customer: replied 26 days ago.
I understand the FCM is integral to the TIPM and can't be independently replaced. Does a new or used TIPM need to be recoded or reprogrammed at a dealer if replaced?
Expert:  david craig replied 26 days ago.

a new one will have to be reprogrammed. used one not as long as it has the same partnumbers and options form the donor vehicle.

Expert:  david craig replied 25 days ago.

checking in to see how its going

Customer: replied 24 days ago.
Pretty sure it is the internal relay for the headlights in the TIPM. Looking at options such as sending it for repair (, buying a junkyard TIPM, or taking it to the dealer ($405 reman part plus labor). Ridiculous that I can't just change a $15 relay.
Expert:  david craig replied 23 days ago.

it is ridiculous i agree. but that how they make their money and screw the consumer. i wouldnt go with a junkyard one. 50 50 shot with that. plus you dont know if al the other outputs are good.

Expert:  david craig replied 21 days ago.

checking in to see how its going

Customer: replied 20 days ago.
Waiting for my shop manual to come in Wednesday.
Expert:  david craig replied 20 days ago.

its going to be the TIPM. there is no need to waste any more time or headache.

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