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sprinkles08, ASE Certified Technician
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I have a 2008 Chrysler town and country. The passenger

Customer Question

I have a 2008 Chrysler town and country. The passenger sliding door will not close. When I click the button it wants to close but just clicks a few times. It seems to open OK.
Submitted: 8 days ago.
Category: Chrysler
Customer: replied 8 days ago.
Edit: I just went out to the minivan and now the door doesn't work at all. No power window and it won't slide at all. The door is dead. I checked the fuses and they all appear to be good.
Expert:  Don 'Mo Lurch' replied 8 days ago.

This is likely the Power Sliding Door Module.
The Module contains the Software for operation, opening & closing
There are a number of Tech Bulletins where Dealer needs to Test & Update the Software.
IF you use your Dealer for Repairs, they may Update the Software for FREE, otherwise there may be a 1 hour Labor charge
Also, be sure to check the Cable that goes from the Door to underneath the Foot well

Customer: replied 8 days ago.
Hi, with all due respect I didn't ask the question here to be sent to the dealer. What I'm looking for is the specific steps I need to take to diagnose and figure out what this problem is.
Expert:  Don 'Mo Lurch' replied 8 days ago.

There are a number of Components customers / shop cannot Test or Program without Dealer Input

Use of Dodge / Chrysler Scan Tool to Test & Update
You are limited to testing Voltage, Ground & connections


Customer: replied 8 days ago.
The most common problem I see online is a wire in the door track harness that has been broken. If you're only advice for me is to go to the dealer then I would like to move on and talk with somebody else please
Expert:  Don 'Mo Lurch' replied 7 days ago.

I posted in my first response:
Also, be sure to check the Cable that goes from the Door to underneath the Foot well


good luck

hope you get it fixed

Expert:  sprinkles08 replied 7 days ago.

Hello and welcome to JustAnswer!

Do you still need help?

Customer: replied 6 days ago.
The previous "expert" provided no real help. Door and window don't work at all ( opens manually just fine), Power lock works though. I'm very mechanical, so if you can provide the steps to diagnose I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you for replying!
Expert:  sprinkles08 replied 6 days ago.

Did you lose all power opening, power window and door lock functions at once?

If you open the door by hand do the interior lights come on?

Customer: replied 6 days ago.
Power door lock has always worked, and still does. Yes when I open the door manually the interior lights come on. We lost power door opening and power window at the same time. The door wouldn't close but would open, then all of the sudden it wouldn't close or open and the window stopped working. I wonder if it's a broken wire in the harness for the power door.
Expert:  sprinkles08 replied 6 days ago.

You may have more than one issue going on but a broken wire in the door harness would be the most likely cause if the problems are related. A loss of power, ground or communication bus to the door module because of a broken wire in the harness will cause what you're having.

Customer: replied 6 days ago.
OK. So what is the best way to diagnose and figure out exactly what I need to do to fix this?
Expert:  sprinkles08 replied 6 days ago.

A scan tool would be to used to verify that the door module is not communicating. If not then it's powers and grounds would be tested. If one is missing then you could next go to the door harness connector and test them there, if ok then the harness needs to be replaced. If you don't have a scan tool available and don't see any visible problems then you can try testing continuity of the wires in the harness.

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