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2003 town and country. I have diagnosed passenger blend door

Customer Question

2003 town and country. I have diagnosed passenger blend door problem down to a stuck blend door. Actuator works but square thru rod that it actuates will not budge when I try to manually rotate rod with actuator removed. I guess my question is does entire dash need to come off to visually see why door is jammed. I gave rod only medium pressure with a small crescent for fear of breaking something. Also rod slid out but after inserting into what I think is blend door final quarter inch or so it becomes tough to push in any further. Again I did not want to risk damage so minor pressure was used trying to insert rod all the way. Thanks, ***** *****
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Chrysler
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Should thru rod work easily with actuator removed?
Expert:  camerontech replied 1 year ago.

hi there,

Yes you will have to remove the dash to access the blend door workings. and yes it is a bit of a time consuming job.

while you are at it i would recommend replacing the heater core since it is a large job and you have to disturb the core when servicing the box.

The doors should all move with little resistance when the actuator is removed. that rod is probably not going in because its a little off alignment when trying to insert it back through the door or there is a sort of a snap clip that will just use a bit of extra pressure when popping back in place.

make sure the door problem didnt damage the actuator, as they are all plastic and strip easily.