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2007 Chrysler 300: misfire cylinder 5..shakes..same code

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Hi, I have a 2007 Chrysler 300 2.7L that is giving me misfire cylinder 5, I changed all six plugs and it got a little better but its still has the shakes and still reading the same code. Where is the number 5 cylinder located please? Thank you in advance

tim's auto repair :


tim's auto repair :

#5 is the last plug back on the right bank

tim's auto repair :

2007 Chrysler 300 V6-2.7L VIN R
Firing Order Specifications, Mechanical

Full Size Image

tim's auto repair :
Customer: awesome. thanks Tim. after i changed the plugs and it didn't better the condition I poured a can of seafoam to see if that would help. if that still doesn't work what's my next step please?
tim's auto repair :

does it run well?

tim's auto repair :

or,,,can you feel the miss

tim's auto repair :


tim's auto repair :

are you there?

Customer: Here's a little history on what happened. Yesterday I filled up my tank on the way home and after about 3 street lights the engine started shaking while I'm at the light. I get home and go to the auto parts store and they ran a little engine light check with their handheld diagnostic thingy. It should just cylinder 5 misfire so this morning I changed all six but the problem persisted. Anything else it could be?
Customer: Sorry I'm chatting from my cell phone. I feel the shakes and it struggles/shakes hard when I get near 60mph or more
tim's auto repair :


tim's auto repair :

i think you may need to also replace the spark plug boots

Customer: It showed*
tim's auto repair :

the boots are are what goes to the plugs from the coils

Customer: The boot is a grey rubber piece on the end of the coil? Can I just replace that without having to replace the whole coil?
tim's auto repair :

these will jump spark sometimes,,causing a miss-fire

tim's auto repair :

on some models

tim's auto repair :

i have an auto zone part#

tim's auto repair :

for the boots

tim's auto repair :


Customer: could I just change that one coil on number five or is it recommended to change all coils at once
tim's auto repair :

it would be best to chang all 6

tim's auto repair :

but..if you could do the get you by till you replace them all

tim's auto repair :
Customer: Crapola. Lol. Those coils are expensive. How much are the boots?
tim's auto repair :

the boots may cost around $12+/-

tim's auto repair :


Customer: Awesome. Is this an easy remove and reinstall? Gonna try it tonight. Thanks a lot for all your help and info. Well get back with you and let you know my results. Thanks again
tim's auto repair :


tim's auto repair :

i will give you directions on removing the coil

tim's auto repair :

one second

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