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2005 Chrysler Town & Country: the gauges..flicker..cuts..few minutes

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We have a 2005 Chrysler Town & Country mini van (limited edition). It will start up fine, but then the gauges will flicker and it cuts out (air, radio, etc. briefly quit). Then the gauges will go wild & then it will be fine for a few minutes.

At times it seems to only do this when stopped (like at a stop light), but now it's doing it after we take off (while in motion) and the vehicle pauses - won't drive - (obviously a very unsafe situation).

All cables and connections are tight (as far as we can tell).

We are trying to avoid "exploratory" work at the dealership - a very expensive process.

Any help you can provide and/or suggestions will help us and our mechanic.

Thank you.
Hello, My name isXXXXX to Just Answer. I will do my best to help you with your concern. I'm looking for some information for you in the mean time look at this document:
Case Number K97420107
Vehicle Issue Headlamps and MIC/cluster illumination flicker or flash while driving down the road.;In some cases turning on the rear window defroster or heater blower motor causes the illumination problem to go away. Additionally in some cases, while driving, the engine will surge at the same time the lamp flicker or flash is occuring. Normally there are no codes.
System or Component Erratic Operation / Fluctuates,Flickers / Flashing;Customer Concern (No DTCs);Instrument Panel / Cluster,Illumination System,Lamps / Lighting,Headlamps;Cold Start (After 8 hour Soak),During Warm Up;Yes - Intermittent
Recommendation Try swapping a Battery from a known good vehicle. In one case the Battery tested good with the test equipment recommended and the technician replaced it anyway fixing the problem.
Modification Date
12/29/06 3:19 PM
Robert and other Chrysler Specialists are ready to help you
Hello, Here's another document, It looks like they are having some issues with the crimping of the battery cable ends, look at this document, you may need to replace the battery cables, or at least replace the cable ends, and use hiqh quality cable ends so you don't cause further issues:

Case Number K56646731
Vehicle Issue The Gauges, Radio, A/C, cuts out and engine dies out while driving.;Condition is intermittent and hard to duplicate. When engine stalls out all dash lamps go out and no codes in any modules.
System or Component Cuts Out,Die out / Stall,Drops Out;Customer Concern (No DTCs);Radio,Gauges,Air Conditioning;Normal Operating Temperature;Driving
Recommendation Found bad crimp at battery terminal. Load tested battery cables to duplicate the concern. Could see 4 volt voltage drop across the battery cable. Replace battery cables.
Modification Date
10/28/05 2:05 PM

Let me know if you need additional information by clicking Reply, If I have answered your question, clicking "Accept" is greatly appreciated.

PS - I apologize for the delayed response on this question. Embarassed

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