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2006 Chrysler Pacifica: Gas cap..consistantly..Check engine light is

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I have a 2006 Chrysler Pacifica. Gas cap light is consistantly on. Check engine light is on. Went to Autozone and they told me it was a small evap leak. Bought a new gas cap. Gas cap light is STILL on and I've filled up 3 times since then. Even had my boyfriend tighten it so I knew it wasn't just me. Went to Chrysler dealership and they told me it was a large evap leak and I needed a new fuel pump. Went to my local mechanic and they didn't see that code at all. No codes showed up except the small evap code. They reset something so that the check engine light went off. gas cap light went off too. Drove about 50 miles and BOTH lights are back on. I have no idea what else to do to get this fixed. Have to have my emissions inspection and won't pass with the light on!

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The gas cap light is just a warning for the driver stating this can be the fault but it does not all the time mean it is the gas cap. Since you have replaced the cap then the cap is not the problem. Since it is storing EVAP leak codes this means the EVAP system needs to be tested which means a smoke machine and light are used to see where in the EVAP system or fuel system the leak is. The EVAP collects fuel tank vapors and allows them to be burnt in the engine. When it sees no tank pressure it knows there is a leak, it could be a seal or hose or component causing this and this is something you will not be able to see and find without a smoke machine.

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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I found another answer on relating to this issue. Replacing some sort of hose.....not really sure. so we tried that first (bc it's way cheaper) and it didn't fix the problem. So I called a local mechanic and scheduled the smoke test on Saturday. I will let you know the outcome of that for future questions like this! Thanks so much for your help!
Thanks for the update, just a heads up, the leak can be from multiple different possible areas thus the reason me not stating one up front, kind of like edmunds did. Diagnostic is the correct path prior to replacing parts.